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Sep 6, 2010 05:20 AM

What if you gave a (So. N.E.) Restaurant Week and nobody came?

Connecticut specifically in my case. I'm sure they may hold them in the wilds of Mass., but I haven't seen any mention of them recently.

I was surprised to discover today, a couple of days late (and $30 short) that Westport held their summer restaurant week last week. And Stamford the last couple of weeks (which I did hear about only because a friend invited me to Morton's out of the blue).

I'll admit I really like local restaurant weeks because it gives me the chance to try out places I'm curious about but can't really afford in this economy. But with the exception of Hartford & New Haven, I never see them mentioned online or in print enough in advance to consider attending one. Part of the problem is that I only see the Hartford & New Haven papers, but I never stumble across them online, either at foodie-themed sites like, oh, Chowhound.

So here's a request, and I don't consider it shilling for restaurants. If your town is holding a restaurant week in the near future, start a thread announcing it, hopefully with a link to a website with all the details, especially menus so that we can determine if it's worth the hike. And then, maybe, tell us about your experience at one of the participating places.

I'll start by flogging my hometown, Hamden, and the state itself in two new threads.

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  1. Last night I found out that Trumbull had a restaurant week last October.
    It was an archive page on the Town website. No mention yet of one this year, so later in the week I'm going to follow up and see if it is scheduled.
    Unfortunately, I did not care for the posted menus from last year, even if I like the particular restaurants. Maybe this year will be a better selection.

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      Providence had their "restaurant week" the end of July (though many restaurants are still advertising "Held over! Restaurant week!" which really kills the specialty of it). However, I didn't hear any family members or friends or customers (who always went) say they went this year! Pretty amazing, huh? I have a feeling - for a number of reasons - it was a flop this year for most places....maybe that's why they are still pushing it more than a month later?

      1. re: OOliver

        I did the RW meal at Chez Pascal and of course it was great (I described it in a post about my July visit to RI. But I don't live in RI and rarely visit, so this was a nice opportunity for me to eat at CP without spending too much.

        Many of the RW menus from other places seemed pretty meh, so choosing CP was not difficult for me. Not surprising that many locals decided to pass.

        Chez Pascal Restaurant
        960 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

    2. the problem is that the restaurant weeks are pretty lame. I actually went to 2 different westport restaurants participating in their restaurant week and ended up ordering off the regular menu. I think the problem is really in the price points - since they are usually moderate restaurants, the "deal" ends up amounting to getting a free desert since the cost is comparable to an appetizer and entree anyway. Not usually worth being locked into just 3 choices.