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Sep 6, 2010 05:08 AM

Can I freeze a noodle kugel?

Ingredients are egg noodles, water that the noodles were cooked in, eggs, oil, sugar salt and pepper.

I've made it a million times but never froze it and served it a few days later.

Any informed opinion out there?

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  1. Hi Vallevin, I'm Marci. Nice to meet you. I'm also making HH Day preps., and this is something I can speak to. Wrap it in extra-strength foil, and then in plastic. Let it come to room temp. before you bake it at the required temp; I've found that it gives better results than cooking from frozen. And since you're there, have you got a recipe for an unusual kugel? Maybe something with onion or mushrooms? I could play around but haven't really got time, and want a tried-and-true.

    1. I think I would undercook the noodles slightly. So they don't get mushy when you heat it.

      Then it should be fine.

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        I've had excellent results freezing my turkey tetrazinni every year. From the ingredients you've listed, my dish is similar, except for adding in diced turkey and no eggs.

        However if you have a topping on it (chips/ croutons, etc.), it may be soggy after freezing.

        1. re: karykat

          Noodles will get cooked no matter what when it bakes the first time, the real question is what happens to noodles when they been frozen and defrosted. I think I like the idea of letting it come to room temp first though.....thanks