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Sep 6, 2010 05:05 AM

Florence, Oregon recs

Planning a trip next month. Didn't find much searching the board. Any ideas?

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  1. I've got 4 words for you. Waterfront Depot, Waterfront Depot. My wife and I stumbled onto it last night. A fellow chowhounder had recommended it. After we got a load of the ambience, we had to try it. It's tremendously warm and inviting, with a great photograph of Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton as the centerpiece. Don't ask, it just works, even though O'Toole looks like he's half in the bag, as I understand he was most of the time. Anyway, we had a good insalata caprese with very nice mozzarella, and a delicious wild chanterelle mushroom saute. The food was good, the drinks were terrific and the desserts were outstanding. I'm addicted to tres leches, and this could be the best I've ever eaten. All the desserts are made by "a local woman." I'd love to know her name and address, because I'd be over there today. Tom, the bartender, is superb. Mixes great drinks and will give you a very generous pour. He also let us taste several other desserts. We liked another cake so much that we got a piece for the road. I'm just afraid my wife will eat it while I'm distracted. Reserve a table by the window if you want privacy, but I think sitting at the bar is more fun.

    Waterfront Depot Restaurant
    1252 Bay St, Florence, OR 97439

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      Thanks for the reply....looks good!

    2. We like the Depot, too. A friend is working at a new place called Feast-I haven't tried it yet but others of our old Florence gang like it a lot.

      1. I loved the Waterfront Depot the first few vists. For balance, read my post
        Disappointing Return Visit.

        Waterfront Depot Restaurant
        1252 Bay St, Florence, OR 97439