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Sep 6, 2010 03:01 AM

3 Aussie Families need rec for New Years Eve dinner in Manhattan

Is this a big ask? We are 3 Aussie families travelling to NYC this New Year's and need advice on a place for dinner. 6 adults 9 teenagers staying in Midtown and would like a communal French or Italian style dinner. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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  1. More experienced eaters-out-on-holidays will have to give opinions about the practicality of a reservation for 15 seated dinner New Year's eve. I think lots of places have a set dinner that night. My ?s - price point (Tax, tip= about 25-30%), how far you'll travel (midtown congestion w/ Times Square celebration).

    1. What is your budget (include tax, tip, booze)

      1. Sambuca- family style italian, on the UWS. away from the insanity

        20 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023

        1. Thank you for your responses - apologies for not being clearer. We were hoping to eat then go to central Park for the fireworks. Pricepoint is I guess mid-range - say $50 each or is that unrealistic? Thanks again...

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            Much of the Times Square area will be blockaded due to the ball drop. They blockade all the way up to Central Park.

            It might be better to eat on the Upper West or East Sides and then go to the Central Park Road Runner fireworks.

          2. Strong second for rkaene's suggestion for Sambuca, with a back-up of Carmines, UWS, not Times Sq, for the reason Kathryn noted: TS is an absolute mad house on NYE, and both the restaurants are within a block of the subway--easily the best way to get around on NYE. and Please report back on what you decide and how it works out. Oh, and a very preliminary HNY!