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Best thing I ate at the L.A. County Fair...

For me - it was hands down the carne asada pizza. Lots of tasty carne asada, a bit of chorizo and a pretty decent, although thick, crust. I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked it.

Located near the grandstands, just past the Longboard bar on the same side of the aisle.

What was your favorite?

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  1. Anyone try the deep fried Klondike Bar?

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    1. re: wienermobile

      This is no offense to you wienermobile, but don't you think the whole "deep-fried [insert food]" thing has been sort of overplayed -- as in, it's sort of jumped the shark?

      Why not get a bit inventive, perhaps maybe a beer-battered Twinkie cooked sous-vide?

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I got it: deep fried carne asada pizza

        you heard it here first.

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          Deep fried carne asada pizza? How can you go wrong? Deep fried, carne asada and pizza. Those words togther spell HEAVEN! Nice one ns1!

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              Hi wienermobile,

              Wow. :) They should also serve a supplemental course for that: "Deep Fried Lard." (^_^)

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                that has got to be the most disappointingly false advertisement ever. i checked it out at the oc fair and it is NOT deep fried butter, rather, churros that r filled w/cream cheese and butter. -sigh-

                1. re: namstermonster

                  Is it Able Gonzales who is doing this (or at least his recipe)? Under fair use guides I quote the following about his deep fried butter invention:

                  "So here’s what Gonzales does: He takes 100 percent pure butter, whips it until it is light and fluffy, freezes it, then surrounds it with dough. The butter-laden dough balls are then dropped into the deep fryer.

                  For purists who just want the unadulterated taste of butter, Gonzales serves up plain-butter versions of his creation. For others who want a little more pizzazz, he offers three additional versions with flavored butters: garlic, grape or cherry."

                  1. re: Servorg

                    not sure but the pic of the booth looked the same. it's not that it was bad, it was actually pretty yumz. it's just that it really was not something u could call deep fried butter. it was churro pieces w/a very light butter filling mixed w/cream chz so that the butter is less than an afterthought. we all felt jipped.

                2. re: wienermobile

                  I thought this was a photo-shopped JOKE!

            2. Thanks for reporting RoxyGrl. Anything else new and exciting this year?

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                  Eeeeew(Chuckle) 2 moms & 2 11 year olds will be going and looking for that chocolate covered bacon. I was skeptical at the time but I know we're going back for more.

                2. My perennial favorite is the deep fried avocado. A little sprinkle of lemon juice and... mmmm.

                  1. Last year I had the deep-fried White Castle burgers and some chocolate-covered bacon. The carne asada pizza sounds good, I'll have to try that this weekend!

                    1. I can feel my diet failing just from reading this thread! :)

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                      1. They've ruined the food at County Fair!

                        Instead of having a plethora of individual vendors, they've farmed out whole categories to the highest bidder. Thus, there were at least four King Taco stands, dominating the Mexican genre. If you wanted onion rings, the numerous (five? six?) Juicy's stands were your only choices.

                        Which, of course, gave the favored few license to jack up the prices. At Juicy's, I paid $7 for five (5) onion rings! And they were terrible. Noting like the fondly remembered onion rings of fairs past. Juicy's also had corn dogs for $9 and hot dogs for $10 -- plus $5, if you wanted fries and a drink.

                        My favorite fried artichoke stand was gone. Gone to was the vendor who offered 50 foreign beers.

                        Bring back the good food!!!!!

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                        1. re: VaneWimsey

                          How about "bring back affordable food"? Those prices are ridiculous!

                          1. re: VaneWimsey

                            50 foreign beers? oh, my gosh, i'm so there.

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                              I too noticed the lack of variety this year. I wondered if it was just the economy, but yeah, there used to be a couple of different fried stuff places - and I'm thinking in particular about the fried veggie stands (artichockes, zucchini, etc.). There's only one Mariscos stand that I saw (used to be at least two).

                              718 S San Jacinto Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92583

                            2. Last year it was Dr. Bob's Soy Sauce ice cream. I can recall the salty carmel taste and it's dense creaminess. I am going with some friends this Saturday. Any reccomendations? My best friend owes me a meal She prefers the BBQ near the "Mexican Villaige" I'd like to try something different that would leave room for some Dr. Bob's ice cream.

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                              1. re: SeaCook

                                There's not a whole lot of really great food at the fair this year. We went on Saturday, and were pretty disappointed with the offerings. I love fried food and junk as much as the next person, but I didn't find very much to be excited about. However, you might want to consider these:
                                The Calbi Fusion truck was serving the Korean-Mexican fusion tacos and burritos. By all means, it's not Kogi (though I heard the owners claiming Kogi fame when asked if they were the famous truck), but their spicy pork isn't bad in a burrito.
                                There's a Crepe vendor who actually uses Nutella in their crepes by the Hot Tub/Outdoor BBQ vendor by the Grandstand. I'll eat Nutella on almost anything.
                                Harold and Belle's has a stand near the Pirate's attraction in the back. They have a delectable bread pudding served witha nice Jack Daniel's whiskey sauce...it's got a nice punch of whiskey.
                                Outside of that, we enjoyed the $2.25 refills of freah lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick, and my husband ate tons of BBQ sandwiches at the stand to the left of the entrance from Gate 9.

                                1. re: attran99

                                  I agree that the fair was sort of a let down as far as new and different foods go. It was mostly the same stuff, though I did like the new, fried Klondike bar.


                                  1. re: attran99

                                    What other stuff are the doling out at the Harold and belles stand???

                                    1. re: kevin

                                      Fried Catfish, ettouffee (sp?), jambalaya, and red rice and beans. I just tried the bread pudding because I was hoping to find some fried pickles.

                                    2. re: attran99

                                      I gave up and grabbed a gyro from the generic greek food vendor. Upset I missed Harold and Belles before eating. There was also a shimp vendor that looked interesting in the back by the circus and other interesting looking gourmet street food vendor by the wine and beer spot. I think my lesson for next year is avoid the middle and walk the fringes before picking a place to eat.

                                  2. For me, the best (as always) are the thick-skinned (NY Style!) egg rolls served up at the "Thai" food concession. They're veggie only (no pork, alas) but otherwise the closest I've found in the LA area since thick-skinned egg rolls disappeared from the culinary landscape in around 1985. They serve decent grilled meat on a stick, too.

                                    I was also impressed with the tri tip sandwich at Route 66 BBQ.

                                    1. Can anyone with some understanding of the economics of county fairs explain why the food has sucked so much lately? I'm really not interested in seeing 6 stands from the same vendor selling deep fried snickers and another 6 stands from the same vendor selling turkey legs and foot long sausages.

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                                      1. re: ns1

                                        Cause if Chowhounds ruled the world there wouldn't be a McDonalds...

                                        1. re: Discokill

                                          hey hey now, I have a guilty pleasure for 69 cent vanilla cones.

                                          1. re: ns1

                                            and filet o fish sandwiches.

                                            and hash browns.

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                                              I noticed that at one of the McDonald's near me, the vanilla cones were now filled with frozen yogurt. It was tangy and delicious. I hope they continue that option, though I suspect not. I really do like how OC is one of their testing sites for new products. The McD's I speak of is in Lake Forest, off Lake Forest Drive, right next to the 5 freeway.

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                                              I don't know but I had a perfectly good bowl of red beans & rice at Herny Belle's in the Piarte's Life area and a wonderful pint that I took home of Dr. Bob's strawberry, sour cream & brown sugar ice cream to take home and both of them seemed to br unique non chain food providers