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Sep 5, 2010 09:47 PM


So what's the word on the best tasting hainanese chicken rice joint in Toronto and vicinity ?
I've even tried doing it myself but simply can't get the chicken !

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  1. Supposedly, Phoenix Restaurant in Markham (2 locs: Woodbine/Steeles, McCowan/HWY 7) has really good Hainanese Chicken Rice. I've had it a couple times and I quite enjoyed it. However, I'm not the expert on Hainanese Chicken Rice, so if it's authentic, I dunno. Note: it has been about a year since I've been. Here's a photo from a couple years back:

    There are a couple of older threads about this though, so you might glean something from there. I haven't had it any where else in recent memory.

    Making the chicken yourself isn't so hard. I find making the rice right is the hard part (I should just give up and use the rice cooker instead of the pot).

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      Thanks. I've tried Phoenix , chicken is OK but doesn't have the aroma and the chili sauce was very disappointing. The rice was bland. You need to gently fry the uncooked rice in chicken fat, that sounds
      hi-cal, but that gives it that fatty golden color. Cook the rice in chicken broth, using a rice cooker is fine
      but go abit short on water which gives it a grainier end result. Don't forget to salt your broth for flavour !

    2. There's a HK cafe style restaurant next to TanChiKee on Hwy#7 and Chalmers. Every Tuesday, they use to have a Hainanese Chicken rice 'special'. Rice was flavourful, sauces were OK but what really made it special was their use of ' Free range chicken '.