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Sep 5, 2010 09:46 PM

Where to find Askinosie chocolate in Sacramento

Hello, I was reading a blog post by David Lebovitz the other day and he mentioned trying Askinosie chocolate hazelnut spread. It sounds delicious and I was wondering if anyone here had heard of this product or where to get it locally. I did look up their website, they're based in Springfield, Missouri and they do ship. Has anyone seen it at Whole Foods or some other specialty shop? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't tried the hazelnut spread, but the Askinosie chocolate bars are incredible! Every year I get a box of these bars from my brother for Christmas. I've tried all the variations of the dark chocolate bars. They are a "single source" chocolate...all the beans in each bar come from one farmer. Super dark and rich, super tasty! I started buying them to give as hostess gifts when I go to friends' for dinner. You can order directly from their website ( if you can't find what you want nearby.

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      Thank you Susie. I think I will be sending myself a little present in the near future! They sound delicious.

    2. try one of the Italian Delis in Sac for Barrati & Milano chocolate hazelnut spread. It's darned good--leaves you laughing at Nutella.

      Maybe Italian Importing on J street?