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Sep 5, 2010 08:33 PM

Mickeys Pizza - Mississauga

Anyone tried this new pizza place in Mississauga?
1900 Lakeshore Blvd west (near lorne park).

Lakeshore Restaurant
2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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  1. Anything special about it? I guess a wood burning oven is wishful thinking..

    1. Wondering if anyone has tried this place yet?

      1. Stopped in a few weeks ago but they don't have slices - just small individual pizzas with pepperoni so I took a pass. Received a flyer in the mail today and I am planning to give it a try. Talked with the owner and they do chicago deep dish as well.

        1. So I sampled Mickeys Pizza this evening. Received a coupon for 1 large pizza with 5 toppings plus a signature personal pizza for $15. We ordered wings as well. They were extremely busy and it took an hour and a half for it to arrive. They also ran out of wings as they only cook one batch long and slow on the bbq. The crust was very good, cheese good, toppings excellent. Unfortunately I found the sauce too sweet. As I prefer my sauce very savory it just didn't work for me but I am sure other people will enjoy - and I am still looking forward to the wings.

          1. tried this place a couple times. crust is slightly sweet and is pretty tasty - reminds me of chinese bun dough. toppings are numerous and of high quality. pizzas usually come with sufficient cheese to satisfy a cheese lover like my self. i would recommend the thin crust as the thick crust is like eating a loaf of bread. it's good, not great, but definitely better than the other options (pizza pizza, gino's, etc) in the area