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Sep 5, 2010 08:13 PM

Where's the best sashimi takeout in Vancouver?

I am looking for a takeout that offers the freshest sashimi. I like the traditional tuna and salmon sashimi (preferably wild sockeye), though I do also enjoy varieties like sea urchin, geoduck, and chopped scallop cones.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      pertinent question, might be problematic to refer tojo's only to drive all the way back to abbotsford

      1. re: bigeaterjustin

        freshest is relative to - from where and when they receive their seafood order. as well as how well they handle the seafood once it arrives.

        imho, sushi hachi would be a contender for 'fresh' sushi.

    2. Most neighbourhood sushi restaurants will do takeout....but many of the premium places don't. My vote will be for Sushi Kimura (Renfrew and 22nd) which I know does take-out.

      1. Kura on Kingsway in Burnaby offers very "fresh" sushi. I bought a take-out a few years ago, on way home from work. Look them up on Urbanspoon to see what other food bloggers say.