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Sep 5, 2010 05:12 PM

Visiting late October

My husband and I will be visiting for 4 days late October-going to a Chargers game. We are from Vancouver (Canada)and are looking for recommendations of where to eat. We appreciate quality and use of sustainable ingredients. We also love Mexican food. Will be staying in Mission bay area. This is my first post so not sure if I have given enough info. I would describe myself as a serious foodie.

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  1. Jenny, for future reference, it always helps to read the "sticky" at the top of the board about posting. San Diego, for example, is a large county, so the first question will be will you have a car?

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      I realized that after I posted. My apologies. We will not have a car but are open to walking or grabbing a cab. Would love a good breakfast place not too far from mission bay, too.

      1. re: Jennysue

        If by Mission Bay you mean closer to Pacific Beach, I would recommend Gringo's for Mexican food and Isabel's Cantina for breakfast. If you're staying at the Hilton close to the 5 freeway, you'll definitely need a cab to get just about anywhere.

        1. re: Jennysue

          How do you define good breakfast? The Broken Yolk in PB is good for fast service and generous portions of classic breakfast fare at a decent price. It's a good option if you want something that will carry you through a day of sightseeing, zoo, etc. but it's not serious foodie fare. If you want something a little more refined, head up the freeway to Sorrento Valley and go to Opera Cafe for breakfast.

          If you're staying at the Bahia Hotel or Dana Hotel area of Mission Bay, the food options within walking distance are pretty much touristy beach cafes or fast food. For "serious foodie" stuff, plan on cabbing to Del Mar, La Jolla, or the the mid-city neighborhoods of Hillcrest, University Heights, North Park, Kensington, etc. Make arrangements with the cab to pick you up ahead of time, or have the restaurant call for a cab quite awhile before the end of your meal- cab service here is not like other big cities. For example, I live in North Park, a ten minute cab ride from the airport. Nevertheless, to get a cab to the airport, I have to call 45 minutes to an hour ahead, and usually have to call at least 2 cab companies.

          1. re: jupe

            Thank you so much! A good breakfast has quality (ideally local) ingredients and is not just your standard diner breakfast. As breakfast lovers, it is not just about filing our bellies. And good coffee is a must.
            I really do appreciate your reply. We are thinking of renting a car now. Any fave spots for authentic Mexican food? We never get it where we are.
            By the where is PB?

            1. re: Jennysue

              Pacific Beach is at the north end of Mission Bay.

              With a car your options improve exponentially. For weekday breakfasts, head to Opera. Not sure how local their ingredients are, but they are definitely quality. Their quiche is light, custardy and has an amazing crust. Coffee is strong and good; orange juice is house squeezed. Breakfast potatoes are crispy and light, beautifully seasoned. And then there's the pastry case....

              For a Sunday brunch, head to the Farm House Cafe in University Heights. Fresh, local ingredients prepared by a chef from the Loire Valley. Delicious coffee (from a local roaster) and mimosas. The ricotta pancakes are legendary.

              Super Cocina in Normal Heights is seems to be the reigning local favorite for Mexican. Above all, steer clear of Old Town for Mexican- bland and touristy food.

              Super Cocina
              3627 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104

              Farm House Cafe
              2121 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

          2. re: Jennysue

            I'm a BIG fan of the Coffee Cup in La Jolla for breakfast -- definitely not your standard diner breakfast fare.

            The owner, Isabel, has two restaurants serving breakfast in Pacific Beach close to Mission Bay:

            Seaside Cantina:

            Isabel's Cantina:

            Seaside Cantina is adjacent to the ocean and would be my first choice -- Isabel's Cantina is a few blocks off the beach and would be my second choice. I'm pretty sure you would be pleased with either one. You can download menus via the above URLs.

            Coffee Cup
            1109 Wall St, La Jolla, CA 92037