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Sep 5, 2010 04:19 PM

shrimp & grits

I dont eat pork, fowl or beef... anyone got a great recipe for shrimp and grits without pork?. thanks

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  1. Just substitute turkey smoked sausage for the andouille. You really need that smoky flavor, but the turkey sausages they make now are quite good, if you don't do pork.

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    1. re: mothrpoet

      turkey isn't fowl in your view?


    2. Why not just leave the meat out?

      The Gullah version in this article does not have bacon - just a shrimp 'gravy' and grits

      1. Pick a recipe that looks good and sub-in Smoked Paprika for color and/or a "DROP" of liquid smoke to get the desired flavor. JJ

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        1. re: Chef Jimmy J

          How important is the smoked flavor? The use of andouille points to a Louisiana style, but what is typical in the Carolinas?

          1. re: paulj

            Many recipes use just ham or tasso, but you need a smokiness. The smoked paprika is a great idea, but I like me my pork!!!!!

            1. re: mothrpoet

              just a preference... plus there was some great flavor when I was done...

          2. re: Chef Jimmy J

            I used the smoked paprika... thanks... it helped a lot.

            1. re: rozz01

              Rozz01, you are very welcome I'm glad to help. This may be a moot point but after checking several recipes, You are right, Andouille and/or Tasso in Louisianna, most Carolina Low Country recipes use Bacon.

          3. Bacon/tasso is one of 4 or 5 ingredients in shrimp and grits. It is a foundation on which the dish is built. If you decide not to add it, it is like not adding beef to chili. Yes, you can approximate it, but it removes the integrity of the dish.
            </off soapbox>

            That being said, please make sure you have good grits- as in stone ground grits. I think using smoked paprika would add a nice smokiness to the dish as well. I would dust the shrimp with it before sauteing them.

            I would NOT add liquid smoke. Not a good idea- it has it's place, and it's place is not on a dish like shrimp and grits.

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            1. re: jameshig

              Do you mean I am not allowed to serve shrimp with my grits if they are not stone ground? What may I eat with my White Lilly Quick Grits?

              1. re: paulj

                you can serve it but it wont be as good....not even close.

            2. For a 100% meat-free option, try Shrimp with Basil-Garlic Butter ( I serve it over grits, and have gotten rave reviews on more than one occasion!