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Sep 5, 2010 02:06 PM


I will be visiting Barcelona in November and would like to buy home a few cazuelas - those earthen, ceramics/ terracotta cookware with varying sizes, used to cook and serve tapas and other food, commonly seen in Spain.

I've done some searching online, but to no avail.

Just wondering if anyone has good recommendations for shops that are not too "touristy"?


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  1. You can buy the basic ones that everyone uses in lots of different sizes and configurations at hardware stores (ferreterías--which are all over the place and a good source for all kinds of everyday kitchen stuff). You can also find them at the five and dime sort of places (todo a cien/tot a cent).

    1. You can buy them from and not have to lug them home in your suitcase.

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      1. The department store, El Cortes Inglese has a good ktichenware department. You will find them there. They are in all the major cities: Madrid with a large store right on Sol, Placa Catalunya in Barcelona (both with good food hall also); at Plaza Nueva in Seville and also a larger one just east of that.

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          El Corte Inglés (at least in Madrid) doesn't really carry much of a selection of "common people" cooking supplies like clay cazuelas, basic paella pans, enameled pans, etc. Regular people buy stuff like this at the ferretería (or todo a cien), which has more traditional cooking supplies (and in many more sizes and configurations than you can find in the US).

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            Would you by any chance know where the ferreterías are located?

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              I live in Madrid, so I can't tell you any specific ones in Barcelona... but ferreterías and todo a cien stores are all over the place in both cities (I've got at least five just within a five minute walk of my place). Just ask in your hotel and they can point you to one closeby and remember the hours are 9:30ish-2 and 5-8pm.

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                  A lot of the ferreteria's in Madrid seem 2 be more hardware focused. I'll be there in a few days and was hoping to find something metro accessible that would have a variety of cazuellas and larger paella pans. Any recs for someone in Madrid for a surgical shopping run? Thx

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                    Well, a ferretería *is* a hardware store... but pretty much all of them have basic dishes, glasses, pots, cazuelas, pans... They really are everywhere here (even more so than in BCN). Where are you staying?

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                      Out at the airport Hilton, but we will be taking the Metro in to explore before we fly out the next day (got to get my souvenir espadrilles). We will probably be near Sol of course, and up near the Santa Domingo stop... depends on where we decide on for dinner. We have been eating pretty well, so the temptation is to go light, but it is the last night in Spain...

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                        Coming to this thread inexcusably late.
                        Try ferreterías Targa on pla de Palau in the Born. Targa is the disneyland of cookware.

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                          Ah yes, that's the one I was trying to remember. Nice little place, decent selection and good service.


          2. I just buy locally at la Espanola ( in California. Pretty no lugging home all that heavy stuff that can arrive "in pieces". Their terracotta sangria cups are on sale now and I use these to serve soup as well.

            1. Thanks PBSF and trvlcrzy!! Real helpful!

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                There's a stall in one corner of Mercat Sant Antoni that sells all that stuff and more. You don't have to enter the market to access the stall, though, of course, why wouldn't you enter lovely market?