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Sep 5, 2010 01:56 PM

Native American food?

Is there anywhere in LA that has Native American cuisine? It seems pretty hard to find. Even if it's just frybread or something, I'd like to know of some place that serves it.

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  1. My husband's family is American Indian. We don't know of any restaurants. The only advice I can give you, besides that the L.A. County Fair has a booth with fry bread, is go to a Powwow. Southern California Indian Center has a big one every summer that has several food booths where you can find fry bread, Indian tacos, stew and some other stuff I can't think of right now. There are powwows at various times all year in L.A., Orange and San Bernardino Counties; some have food. Start here

    1. Memphis, in Orange County, makes an excellent Zuni frybread. I cannot attest to its authenticity but can certainly vouch for its savory goodness.

      Memphis Café
      2920 Bristol St.
      Costa Mesa, CA 92626
      (714) 432-7685


        Mr. Ramen and anyone else interested: I found a thread beginning 3 years ago that discusses a lot of the issues in more detail than we have recently, including some interesting posts on the diabetes/obesity issues.

        One post pointed out that we eat "Native American" foods frequently - corn, beans, squash (including pumpkin), cranberries, wild rices, berries, nuts, salmon, shell fish, roasted game meats, etc. - though we no longer think of them that way since they are so familiar a part of our diet. Another pointed out that each group had (and still has) different "niche" specialities or "cuisine" depending on the local area they inhabit and the tribal culture of their group, and what ingredients were (or are still) available to them - location makes an immense difference in the cuisine. And cuisine is not static - it is influenced and changed by a variety of factors.

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          We split off a very worthwhile discussion of what defines Native American cuisine. If you'd like to discuss that in general terms, please follow along here:

          To keep this post on topic, please share local tips to enjoy this cuisine in the greater L.A. area.

        2. I just stumbled on this place selling fry bread at the Westwood Farmers' Market last week. I think it's new, was really good too.