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Sep 5, 2010 01:55 PM

Going to Tokyo in October - restaurant recos?

Hi everyone!

I'm visiting Tokyo for the first time during the first week of October and am looking for some good restaurant recommendations. We're only going for 3 days (it's a side trip from our main trip to Hong Kong) and there's 4 of us. We're pretty adventurous, but the budget is limited so we're hoping to find places where we can really experience great food without killing our wallets.

We're staying in the Ginza area - willing to travel for a good meal, but not outside Tokyo since our time is so limited.

Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. what's your budget and type of food you are looking?

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    1. re: Japfan

      budget is flexible - we'd be happy to pay more for a good sushi meal, but not every day. looking for sushi, but also for unique japanese experiences, so open to all kinds of japanese foods (i love noodles too)

      1. re: StormHound

        HI, you might want to try Sushi Kanesaka (michelin 2 star) and Yonemura (michelin 1 star) for lunch. The former has lunch sets of Y5k and 10k while dinner is much more expensive. Yonemura is a french - japanese restaurant - quite unique and lunch set is around Y6k and 10k. Both are in Ginza - so quite convenient for you.

        Recently, i read from a website that Kyushu Jangara Ramen is newly opened in Ginza. will attempt to check out in my upcoming trip...If you like noodles, you might want to try soba at either Narutomi and Kosetsu. Both are near Ginza and rated quite highly on Tabelog.

        1. re: Japfan

          Thanks so much Japfan. I'll definitely check those out and add them onto our list. Since we're only there for a few days, we want to spend most of the time shopping and enjoying sites and eating and as little time as possible travelling. LOL.

          Appreciate all the Ginza recos - will let you know how it goes after my trip!

          1. re: Japfan

            Japfan - since you've been so helpful, one more question for you - know any good places in Tokyo to buy some good knives without breaking the bank? My husband wants to get at least one good chef's knife from Japan...

            1. re: StormHound

              hi i am afraid i wont be able to help....not sure where to get such knives.

              1. re: Japfan

                Ok, thanks for the restaurants though! They're on our list to check out! :)

                1. re: Japfan

                  Two good options for buying Japanese knives: Kappabashi or Tsukiji.
                  My favorite knife store in Kappabashi is Kama-asa - all styles, all price ranges, some English spoken, really friendly, great service. For some reason I didn't include it in my writeup, but if you're going north on the main street of Kappabashi, look for the green-framed swinging doors on the left side, toward the north end. On Sundays' they'll engrave the knives on the spot for free.
                  Other stores here:

                  In the outer market at Tsukiji, many of the famous brands like Aritsugu and Masamoto have shops. Again, a wide range of styles and prices. You could combine this with a morning sushi expedition, and note that they close between 2 and 3.

                  1. re: jem589

                    Thanks for the knife store info! Will need to note this all.

                    Great blog too - have added it to my reader - don't know if I have enough time to read all your amazing posts before I leave but will definitely go through your older posts for more tips/recos! :)