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Sep 5, 2010 10:57 AM

Romantic Lunch Recommendation in old Montreal

I am looking for a few recommendations for a nice romantic lunch on a Friday in Old Montreal. If it had a view that would be nice but it is not mandatory. I am looking for a great meal and not so concerned about price, a good lunch special would be fine. It doesn't necessarily have to have the "old Montreal" feel.

I am willing to take some suggestions outside of old Montreal as long as it is very close.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. DNA has a twenty dollar lunch special

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    1. re: kpaxonite

      I will be having dinner there that night or on Saturday. thanks for the reply, any other suggestions?

      1. re: jefftravels

        Close to Old Montreal are T and F. F bar has a twenty dollar lunch special. T has a 23 dollar lunch special. They are in the quartier des spectacles. T is bistro food and F is also bistro type food but has some portugese/french dishes. T is related to Toque, F is related to Cafe Ferreira.

        They have a nice view of the square and the fountains, especially if you eat on the terrace.

    2. l'Arrivage in Pointe-a-Calliere has a nice view of the Old Port; food is ok.
      Olives et Gourmando has no view, but is surrounded by the old buildings, which is picturesque. Nice food and presentation, but gets noisy and crowded.
      If you walk a little north, in Place des Arts, Brasserie T! has a chic, delicious menu with a nice view of either the water fountains or large white globes.

      1. Club Chasse et Peche would be perfect. Very romantic.

        Other options are Da Emma. I've never been but people seem to enjoy it as a romantic date location and there's also Jardin Nelson. Food ain't the best but it's a nice location