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Sep 5, 2010 08:32 AM

Problem: Chunky egg yolks

I broke two organic brown eggs into a bowl this morning and as I beat them for scrambling, I noticed one of the yolks was super-chunky. A big dark-gold yolk with a big clump that didn't easily break apart. I tossed the eggs and broke two more...and again, one of the eggs had that dark yolk and a big clump. I pulled that clump out and scrambled and ate the eggs as planned. What the heck was that clump, though? The eggs were well-refrigerated, don't expire until 9/26...

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  1. i'm surprised that nobody answered here. i'm curious, too!

    1. I have chickens. My egg yolks do that when the temperature drops suddenly (cold). I don't know if the eggs or the chickens get too cold and it effects the yolks- but I know what you mean. They are safe to eat but might look weird.