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Sep 5, 2010 06:54 AM

ISO green tomato ideas

Well, the weather has turned sufficiently in north west England for me to reckon that I'm not going to get any more ripe toms outside. I've brought them in and am going to try the "ripen in a box with a banana" trick that I saw on a gardening programme on Friday.

But, if it doesnt work, what can I do with them - there's not too many (less than a kilo), so not really enough to think of making chutney. A couple of side dishes, then? Any favourites with you folk?

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  1. Well, there's always fried green tomatoes, Harters. Slice them about 1/4" thick, season with salt, pepper and cayenne, dip in flour, egg and crumbs, and fry until coating is crunchy and golden brown. My husband likes these with red-eye gravy, which is made from ham drippings and a splash of coffee (I know I'll get grief from other hounds about the exact proportions of drippings to coffee - some use a lot, some a little, it's a taste thing.) You could also go ahead and make cupboard chutney: peel and chop tomatoes, cook down with brown sugar, cloves,ginger, cardamom and a dash of vanilla extract or rum flavoring, cinnamon, a handful of golden raisins, cider vinegar and a dash of salt until glossy, thick and chunky. Since you don't have many tomatoes, you should be able to use it up with a couple of dinners and sandwich meals and it will be perfectly safe This chutney is outstanding on garlic roasted pork and also on chicken and turkey sandwiches. Finally, I don't have a recipe that I like, but try to find a good-sounding Green tomato pie.

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      And fried green tomatoes are wonderful on a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, with some mayonnaise.

    2. I like em fried as well.
      Could pickle them too.

      1. Fried green maters- just wash and slice the maters, salt and pepper each side, dip them in cornmeal and fry in oil in hot skillet. Drain on paper towel and eat hot. We used to eat these when we had brown beans and cornbread for supper.

        My grandmother used to make green tomato relish that we ate with brown beans.

        1. Recently there was a question from a listener about green tomatoes on The Splendid Table. It may have been last week (end of August). You should be able to listen to the pod cast on the program's web site.

          1. I had fried green tomatoes at a place and the way they cooked them sent them to the next level. Slice about 1/4 inch thick and season and very lightly dredge in flour or cornmeal. The key is to have the skillet pretty hot and the coating thin so the tomato sugars caramelize. That makes kind of dark brown spots. They are great with roumalade sauce. We make green tomato relish too-so good on a hamburger.

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              That's exactly how I make mine, wekick. I just season the cornmeal with salt, pepper, and cayenne. And I use a cast iron skillet. The remoulade is absolutely killer with the tomatoes and I'm surprised more people don't serve them that way.