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Sep 5, 2010 06:49 AM

City Limits Diner

Is an AWESOME place to go for burgers.

They grind the meat fresh daily on sight from interesting cuts such as hangar.....

They cook to order, rare if you want and they take no prisoners when it comes to freshness flavor and affordability.

Not to slay any sacred burger cows but I gotta say guys, City burgers are as good or better than Cherrystreet burgers and the bacon they use is much better. Better than the Duck. Better than River House, better than Tavern on Maine. Oh and it's under 11 dollars all in.

Moms had the fried chicken. It was great, and the mashed potatoes were fabulous, the gravy was extraordinary, and I am NEVER going to Sherwood Diner again:) Not ever:)

City Limits Diner
135 Harvard Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

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  1. I am a big fan of this diner, too. Some dislike it because it's a bit pricey for "diner food," but everything in Fairfield County comes with some huge markup, seems to me. The salads and soups are very good, as are the pancakes. The only dud I ever had there was a Cuban sandwich, which was kind of dry and had no crunch.

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      My contrarian take....

      City Limits Diner = Screaming bargain:)

      City Limits Diner
      135 Harvard Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

      1. re: shoes

        "Some dislike it because it's a bit pricey for "diner food," "

        OK, but it's not Diner food. What's more City Limits is not even a Diner (even though it's owned by a Greek family -- who also run Oceana, amongst others, in the City). and has that retro design.

        Instead, it's a very creative bistro with innovative riffs on American, Italian, Oriental, Middle Eastern, Mediteranean, Mexican and New England cuisines. So in that context...good quality and great value. ( And their incredible array of domestic beers and ales is one of the tops in Ct)

        Shark, yes their outstanding burgers are good, but they really do other stuff even better Their fresh fish offerings are outstanding, breads and pastries baked on site are sensational, breakfasts (like the huevos rancheros) are done with a light touch... no grease or lard. And all that good food for a freaking bargain.

        1. re: louuuuu

          Hey Louuuuu,

          Had lunch at noon on the dot at "The Limits" today.

          Had the burger again ordered it rare with bacon and cheddar. It came ouit VERY rare and I actually really enjoyed it that way. Also, both our meals were brought to table in under ten minutes of our ordering. Very thoughtful, very conscientious, very delicious food.

          My compatriot had breakfast, scrambled eggs with a piece of bacon, a piece of Canadian bacon, and a sausage link. And it was all so very good, from what she tells me.