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Sep 5, 2010 06:38 AM

Pomona's in Biglerville - a goodbye

In this culinary wasteland of Central Pennsylvania, we are unfortunatley loosing a gem. Upon arriving for dinner on Friday evening, we were notified that Sept 11th will be the last evening that Shaun Wolf and staff will be working there. We were notified that the owner has decided to turn go in the direction of soup and sandwichs (like we need a Panera bread copycat in this world). I live close to Pomonas and have enjoyed seeing them grow, eventually become the establishment that they blossomed into. Shaun has always been wonderful with the patrons and taking feedback to heart. Good luck to Shaun, and staff. Hopefully he will land in a kitchen locally and we will continue to enjoy his inventive twists on comfort food.
I will be out of town for the last weekend so I've made my reservations for Thursday and our last harrah with this fine establishment.

To see a review on Pomonas see below.

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  1. What a shame. We don't live as close to Pomona's as you do, but always enjoyed our meals there. There are so few restaurants in this area that serve fresh, local food. We haven't eaten yet at The Green Room in Carlisle. Have you?

    I agree that we don't need another soup and sandwich joint, although Marc Jalbert's breads, which I assume will be used for the sandwiches, are several cuts above anything else that's available in south central PA. I wonder what will happen to the wood-fired oven that was built specially for Pomona's.

    1. This is a true loss. I had to wonder how Pomona's would make a go of it -- it's just enough off the beaten path to be a bit of an effort to get to, and no one but the locals seems to know of it. I live about 45 minutes away and found it first on this board and then saw it in a Gettysburg magazine.

      But here's what we'll be missing. The chef at Pomona's has an extraordinary talent for making everyday local items taste unbelievable. I was there two weeks ago and had roasted okra. Just okra with some oil and lemon and salt, but unlike any okra I had ever eaten. We then had a flatbread (or "coca" as they call it) with the most amazing local tomatoes. I don't know what he did to bring out the flavor of the tomatoes, but whatever he did, they were divine. The meal ended with a stone fruit cobbler - again, a simple recipe, but made wonderful with the freshest local fruit and the secret ingredient of almond extract.

      Oh, I do hope that chef White opens another place soon!

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        I have 7 PM reservations on Thursday nite for our last harrah. I'd love to meet fellow posters. If you are there, just ask the staff for Tom & Sandie. They know us well !! Seems as though we all have tastes.

        1. I see that Pomona's has reopened for dinner on selected evenings. Has anyone tried the food since it began serving in early July?