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Sep 5, 2010 06:25 AM

ISO... the impossible?

Calling all Chowhounds in Montgomery/Bucks county. I know if anyone can help me pull this off, you all can!

I'm looking for a place to have a small wedding ceremony/dinner for about 36 people, near the end of October

Peferably a BYOB, but that's not a sticking point. I'm looking to keep the food bill down to about $50 bucks a head.


Thanks to all in advance.

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  1. You could try Parkside American Grille in Harleysville. The restaurant is located in a small park that has a duck pond. Would be nice for an outdoor ceremony if the weather cooperates. Not sure if they have ever done a wedding, but you could be their first. They are BYOB and the entrees are fairly priced and the meals we have had there are always very good. They may be willing to give you the entire upstairs for your dinner. There is also a small BYOB that just opened in Cedars (Skippack) called 19 Bella. Would also be a nice setting for an outdoor ceremony. Very small place, so 36 might be a stretch for them. Saw another post for a similar size group on Chow that recommended Arielle's Country Inn in Sellersville. Owned by a lovely Austrian lady and her chef boyfriend. They do have a liquor license so it may be a little more expensive, but if you do an afternoon affair, they might be willing to work with you. If I think of any other venues, I will let you know. Good luck with your search and if you are the bride or groom - Congratulations!

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      Never heard of the Parkside, but I like their menu!

    2. Zacharias Creekside (corner of 363 and 73, east of Skippack) has a back room that could probably accommodate 36. They are BYOB, so you should have no problem meeting your budget.

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        Another place I didn't even know existed! The last we were there was the last incarnation of that space Ravenna

      2. Cake in Chestnut hill has a 45 seat space in a former flower shop conservatory that is really nice and I know they will do private events like what you are looking for. I'd talk to the owner, Grey, and see what you can work out.

        8501 Germantown Ave
        Philadelphia, PA 19118
        (215) 247-6887

        1. Have you considered any of the wineries in bucks county? The Crossings holds private events, I beleive, as does Rose Bank Winery. Both are gorgeous settings for a fall wedding. Wycombe is also a lovely setting, they have a nice patio which looks to hold about 35, I'm sure they'd let you "rent" the winery and have the meal catered in. You could use the winery wines which are mostly inexpensive. Congratulations!!!!

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            Both of these wineries sound like really nice venues for a wedding. Great idea, Ambler Girl. My husband and I visit wineries often - mostly in the Finger Lakes and Lancaster, but Crossings and Rose Bank are on our list for the near future.

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              Another good idea - have eaten at The Landing only once and the food was very good. Don't get to New Hope as much as I used to since we moved out to Harleysville. Beautiful setting along the river's edge. A Saturday or Sunday afternoon affair would probably work here.

              1. re: Karen K

                i dunno, i gotta say i was supremely unimpressed by the landing, from the staff to the food. the view was gorgeous, for sure, but it's the only place in recent history i can remember sending back a dish. it was lobster ravioli. not only could i not taste any lobster, but the pasta itself was just not good. and at $23, i wasn't about to scarf down something non-lobster and not good. other stuff was OK... just OK. the standout of the meal was the octopus salad, but even still, small seafood portion for the price. love new hope, though... adorable town.

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                  I learned recently that lobster ravioli is a dish almost always brought in frozen, even at good restaurants. Not that that makes it necessarily bad, but after learning this I've decided it's not worth the money usually charged given that it requires little to no prep on the part of the restaurant. It also explains why this is a lackluster dish at many places, not to mention that it could be sitting in the freezer for a while. IMO it's a dish best avoided unless you know the place does it well.