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Sep 5, 2010 04:56 AM

everything geese in SE alaska

i've raised a pair of geese this season and am getting them ready for the oven.

i'm looking for recipes, methods on saving the fat, side dishes, pretty much anything anyone has to offer.
i have access to a smoker, so i'm definitely thinking about smoking one goose.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Roast Goose with red cabbage and apples, and potato dampf knodel, (large potato dumplings), a little pan sauce.......Perfect........

    2. Aren't there any goose recipes in your Cooking Alaskan book?

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        Paulj....I am jealous of your "Backyard" geese, that is my kind of bird!! Actually, I have roasted geese for Christmas, and mine, sorry to say were frozen, store bought variety. They always turn out very tasty I plan for about 1 lb raw weight per person and try to get a under 15 lb bird, dressed. This way someone told me it should not be a mature bird, so it is suitable for roasting. otherwise an older bird would be better braised.
        As far as recipes I have always had success with the basic Joy of Cooking "Roast Gosling or Goose". It is a basic recipe. Oven at 450* put on rack for 25 minutes per pound, gosling, 15 min. larger bird, reduce heat at once to 350*. drain off fat from roasting pan and reserve. If not being stuffed, (stuffing is recommended as it will retain too much fat) fill cavity with quartered onions and oranges for flavor, make pan gravey with skimmed juices season to taste.

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          one cookbook i don't have yet. but i know the library has a copy. good idea!