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Sep 5, 2010 12:46 AM

Paris - Just Delicious, Just Disappointing, Just Like I Remembered


galette de pomme de terre @ Marché Biologique Raspail (Sunday only)
green zebra tomatoes @ Marché Président Wilson, Joël Thiébault Stand
bacon and shallot roll @ Le Bristol
onion gratinée @ L'Arpege
pain au chocolat @ Pierre Herme
chausson aux pommes @ Des Gâteaux et du Pain
jasmine green tea ice cream @ Christian Constant (chocolatier not restaurant chef)
pâte de fruit @ Jacques Genin
seaweed butter @ Le Cinq
pain au chocolat blanc @ Landemaine
croustillant de pied de cochon @ Le 122
poultry terrine @ La Regalade, Saint Honore
pain perdu @ Le Grenier à Pain, Rue St Charles
pain des Alpages @ eMayer
strawberry textures @ Guy Savoy
ptit jules @ Pain de Sucre
Bamboo @ Sadaharu Aoki
baguette Renaissance @ Arnaud Delmontel


lobster sandwich @ Spring (Saturday only)
croissant @ BE Boulangepicier
moelleux aux amandes @ Seurre
croissant aux amandes @ Bourdaloue
grosses langoustines Bretonnes @ Ledoyen
pavé @ Michel Chaudun


pata negra @ Le Chateaubriand
cassis macaron @ Pierre Herme
sablés chocolat @ Pierre Herme
duck confit @ Chez Dumonet - Josephine
truffle nature @ La Maison du Chocolat


punition @ Poilâne
pâte de fruit @ Hediard

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  1. Very interesting list. Infortiave and succinct. So many posters get so wordy that in the end I am lost as to whether they are saying something is good or bad, or maybe they have never been to the resto.

    1. I think the seaweed butter served at Le Cinq comes from Bordier. I get it up the street at Les Papilles Gourmandes and melt it on natto beans.

    2. Am curious about your last category. "JUST LIKE I REMEMBERED (BAD)": why this pilgrimage for bad food?

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    1. re: Parigi

      1. Thanks.
      2. I'm very much a statistician when it comes to food and I try to sample a good size before I draw any conclusions. For instance, I've been to Poilâne several times over the years (including the one in London) and just can't figure out why the punitions are so special. Ditto for Hediard, which I have always thought was famous for its pâte de fruit.

      1. re: hong_kong_foodie

        l like the shortbread cookies as they seem to be so un-uniform. They vary in thickness and doneness and are so nicely homemade.

    2. There is a pain au chocolat blanc in Paris and no one ever told me?!

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      1. re: Ptipois

        "There is a pain au chocolat blanc in Paris and no one ever told me?!"

        Ai ya, Sophie, Landemaine rocks. I have been committing ignoble infidelities with Landemaine behind the back of both Seurre and Delmontel.

        1. re: Parigi

          Parigi, if we are going to play true confessions, then I will add that I even prefer the baquette at Landemaine to the good ones from Delmontel just up the street. Perhaps it was you that steered me there.

            1. re: Laidback

              Can I get and address for Landemaine please?

              1. re: plafield

                OK. found it on another post: 26, rue des Martyrs, between Delmontel and Seurre Paris 9e. Thanks.

          1. re: Ptipois

            The pain au chocolat blanc is very different from the standard pain au chocolat. It's crusty and chewy like a baguette, not soft and fluffy like a croissant, and the chocolat blanc is a lot more subtle.

          2. Hey man, that post is terrific.
            Do some more like that.

            1. Just curious what was so bad about the pavé @ Michel Chaudun, always thought those were great.

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              1. re: f2dat06

                Seriously, I've never met a MC pavé I didn't like! I wonder if hongkongfoodie wasn't having interference from sensory overload with all of the field testing going?! ;-)

                1. re: tortoiseshell

                  I thought the MC pavé was good too--just not better than the truffles at La Maison. I am particularly impressed by how the truffles at La Maison are so intense but clean without much aftertaste.

                  I had the expectation that the pavé would be better since Michel Chaudun was the head chocolatier at La Maison many years ago, which made think he (1) knows the secret behind making a good truffle and (2) has figured out a way to improve it now that he's on his own.

                  1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                    The thing that is impressive to me about the truffles at LMDC is how very very thin the chocolate coating is that encases the truffle, they are truly good.

                    The only place where I have had better was way back when Hiramatsu first opened when it was on Ille St Louis, they served a house made truffle as part of the mignardises that was better. Maybe they still do serve them but I have not been since they relocated a few years ago.

                  2. re: tortoiseshell

                    Chaudun is my favorite chocolatier, but his pavés are my least favorite of his creations. I just find them too bland, and I miss the outer coating.

                2. Agree with Parigi here - great post and I love how you break it down by dish as well. But why the trip to try something bad - giving it a 2nd chance at redemption?