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Sep 4, 2010 07:02 PM

authentic web sites for asian cooking

What are the best chinese recipe web sites??? I mean the most authentic.

ditto for Korean, Thai, Malaysian,Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Japanese


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  1. These are ones I visit often: -hits on Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, and Chinese, to name a few -mostly Vietnamese and Chinese -go under "recipes" tab, then "savory asian"- features authentic Chinese, dishes that I ate growing up -very good Korean recipes -our very own hannaone's Korean recipe website -more Korean recipes -good Thai recipes, but you have to search for them -companion website for her books, I like her Sichuanese recipes -go to Thai Recipes, has an array of authentic Thai, some accompanied by street vendor videos

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      Tottally agree with - very accessible recipes! - not a lot of recipes, but pretty authentic. - Indonesian - lots of asian recipes from different countries (I think they're from Singapore, so maybe SE asia centric recipes)

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        Totally agree with - they're one of my goto sites.

        The rest I'm going to visit now, so thanks, twj. :)

      2. Do you mean "Web sites for authentic Asian cooking"?

        Or did you really want "authentic web sites" as opposed to the "fake" kind that offered info about Asian cooking?

            1. for chinese:

              it has over 200 video recipes.
              mainly chinese but many thai or vietnamese are included.

              for japanese:

              about 40+ video recipes. ( it is sort of entertaining)
              mainly japanese but some are chinese.

              about 50+ video recipes. (the chef's got great skills
              )you can learn from basic onigiri to very complected desserts.

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                I also like Cooking with Dog quite a bit. Additionally, for Japanese cooking, I like for Japanese basics, kyoto cooking circle, Yukari Sakamoto's who has a new cookbook out, Yasuko-san's home cooking (diary of home cooked meals), Mrs. Donabe's Rustic Japanese recipes for cooking with a donabe, Japan Food addict - Japanese dishes both washoku and yoshoku style, Japanese Food Report as mentioned below and and

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                  i wanted to check kyoto cooking circle because i like kyoto style cooking but i could not. can you repost it? thanks:)