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Sep 4, 2010 06:59 PM

Do you hand-wash or machine-wash your dishes?

There are many articles about machine-washing vs hand washing dishes. Many claims dishwashers are better for for environment and cost.

Others claim hand washing is better:

I thought this recent article from Guardian is more complete.

It states the answer depends on how one hand-washes or machine-washes the dishes. I wash my dishes in cold water largely because I am too lazy to wait for the water to heat up and partially also because of the energy cost. It turns out this is the most environmental approach. I prefer hand-washing because I have very little dishes and they will never fill up a dishwasher. In addition, hand washing provides a much faster turn around. I can get a clean plate in 5-10 seconds by hand washing.

In short, I choose to hand-wash mostly because of speed and easy. It works well with my lifestyle. How about you?

Two questions for you
1) How do you usually wash your dishes?
2) What is your number one reason for your choice? Environmental concern, cost, time, convenience, tradition, ... ?

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  1. Dishwasher machine is one of the greatest invention of mankind, at par with the toaster.

    I wash most of my dishes in the machine even my wine glasses (10 year old set and still spotless) ; pots and pans, it depends if I need them right now or later or if they go in the machine (non-stick, copper, ...)


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    1. re: Maximilien

      Thanks. What is your main reason? Convenience?

    2. If you have very fine china, using the dishwasker wll ruin them.

      Hand wash only, and don't use lemon scented soap; another destroyer of the baked on patterns.

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      1. re: toitoi

        I agree completely. Fine China is by hand. We always use non-scented detergents and surfactants, as they will also ruin the aromas of one's food, and especially wines. Reminds me, I need to get two more bottles of StemShine.

        Other dishes - machine, definitely.


        1. Hand wash. The dishwasher died a couple of years ago, and it seemed like a hassle to shop for a replacement, one of us to take the day off for delivery, etc. Thinking about selling, though, so now thinking about replacing the machine for future owner.

          1. never been a fan of the dishwasher even though that is all that was used when i was in college. i always preferred hand washing. that is how i do all the dishes at home now even though we do have a dish washer. we rarely have enough dishes at 1 time to do a full load in the dishwasher. but hand washing just because it reminds me of family dinners at grandma's house. all the kids use to clear the dishes and the oldest kids/younger aunts would all stand at the sink side by side and wash all the dishes. that was before we went to paper plates because we grew to over 30 people over at grandma's house at a time.

            1. I machine wash most dishes, and use my sani-scrub cycle.

              All of my stemware is hand washed, and air-dried.

              All stainless pots are hand-washed, as are all of my Henkle knives.

              For me, I do so because the results are better.