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Sep 4, 2010 06:05 PM

Genuine Lebanese/ Turkish Bakeries in DC and NOVA

We had brunch at Zaytinya recently and were blown away by the light and pillowy pita. Are there any retail bakeries that could come close to duplicating this pita? Lebanese Taverna, to name just one place, has heavy, tasteless pita.

701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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  1. A Leb friend of mine (to whom I showed Leb Butcher to his great delight) told me that there is a full grocer behind Leb Butcher. I still haven't gone yet myself, but it might be worth checking if you're near that area.

    1. Lebanese Taverna CAFE has the exact same thing, a 6-7 inch blimp-shaped, puffy pita. I don't know what LT Market sells. Unfortunately, they don't have these cafes in NoVa, but whenever you are in MoCo, you could check these out.

      1. Just across from the Huntington Metro in Alexandria is Balkan Grill, which is Bosnian and Turkish and which sells pretty authentic Turkish pide.

        Which Lebanese Taverna are you referring to, by the way? Most people I know find the pitas at the one in Westover to be addicting.

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          Perhaps I am being too picky, but I was referring to the LT in Arlington.