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Sep 4, 2010 05:44 PM

new pizza place same block as cassis-has anyone been?

We were driving by yesterday and I saw a new pizza place, forgot the name and exact location.....anyone eaten there or know the name?

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  1. It is the old Cassis, I haven't been though

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    1. re: starlady

      did cassis move, go out of business or morph into a pizzeria?

      1. re: vandan

        It's called Fat Toni's Pizzeria. Never been but it can be yours for 64K:

        1. re: el_lobo_solo

          cool, but what happened to Cassis?

          1. re: el_lobo_solo

            Thanks for the info-I guess it's not doing that well....

            1. re: selena03

              Too bad for Cassis. They were one of the better pioneers of small plates around here, I liked their space a lot.

        2. re: starlady

          I went there last week for lunch, just happened to be walking somewhere else for lunch. They really screwed up the marketing for this place because they do make some really good pizza!

          What caught our eye was a pizza and a pitcher of GI beer for $20! The pizza he made was his creation (not on the menu) with soppresetta, basil, carmelized onions, and fresh mozza. Very thin crust, good char, a little "cracker-y" but all-in-all a great pizza! The tomatoes really made it -top notch tomato sauce.

          We actually ordered another one of their menu because we were impressed - a four cheese with gorgonzola and a balsamic reduction. Not as good as the first...but still good.

          Check it out! They have a very urban patio in the back that will remind you of being in a NYC or Portland.