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Sep 4, 2010 05:08 PM

surprise nice finds, and a weizenbock Q

just bought some wernesgruner pils and can't believe how great it is. it's the best german/ foreign pilsner i've had in the states, somehow standing up to the time on the boat/ plane. highly highly recommended - it has genuine pils flavor and smell!

also ran across weihenstephaner's weizenbock "vitus" and love it. it's got that bubblegummy thing that i just love and doesn't have any of that banana stuff that i dont like in hefeweizens.

just thought i'd share how great these are.

i'd like to know about other good weizenbocks folks like and can find in the states...

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  1. Schneider Aventinus, for me, is the standard against which all weizenbocks are measured. Ayinger also makes a good weizenbock, and domestically, Victory's Moonglow is a very nice interpretation of the style.
    You might also enjoy some dopplebocks, like Weihenstaphener Korbinian, Ayinger Celebrator, and Paulener Salvator.
    I'd pretty much try any beer from Weihenstephener, Schneider and Sohn, or Ayinger

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      I agree with you on Victory Moonglow; it's fantastic. It's lighter-colored than, say, Aventinus, but so full of flavor. And not a trace of the fairly high ABV on the palate.

    2. In my experience so far any Weizenbock is a step down at least when considering Vitus. Excellent beer. As for other imported German Pils that I enjoy there's Pinkus from Münster, Germany. Has that musky, earthy hop aroma and flavor.

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        You'd never have to twist my arm to have a Vitus.

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          I beg to differ. Vitus is a one-of-a-kind Weizenbock, most other Weizenbocks like Aventinus are considerably darker and rather more like wheat-infused doppelbocks, where Vitus is essentially a double hefeweizen. I had a 2006 Aventinus over the weekend and it was a beer for the ages, and I've had Vitus on tap at Weihenstephan.

          Also, add Brauerei Andechs to chuckl's list, their Doppelbock is something to behold.

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            So which are you saying that you enjoy more Vitus or Aventinus?

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              Ayinger makes their Weizen-Bock in in the same vein as Vitus. A strong hef and not a wheat doppel. Not quite as good as Vitus as I recall, but still a very good beer.

          2. Enjoyed the heck out of a Schneider Hopfen Weisse* the other night. Although I think they cut back on the hop character from the original brewing, its still a very nice blond weizenbock, that left me wanting another.

            *The Schneider version though, not the overpriced train wreck of phenols and american hop flavor of the Brooklyn version.