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Sep 4, 2010 04:48 PM

Burmese (Myanmar) Food?

Does anyone know of a Burmese restaurant near Edison, NJ?

It may sound random, but my wife and I fell in love with Burmese food when we happened across a restaurant named "Burma" while living in Washington, DC. We've never found another Burmese restaurant outside of NYC. If anyone can recommend a good one, I'd appreciate it. We live in Metuchen, near Edison, NJ.


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  1. The closest one I know of is Rangoon in Philadelphia, and it's superb. It's at 112 N. 9th Street, at the edge of Chinatown. Zagat shows something called Mingala Burmese, on the Upper East Side and in the East Village, but the reviews don't make it sound particularly exciting. You're a couple of trains from Philly, or it's a mildly complicated drive, but probably not more than an hour and a half, and worth it.

    1. I second the rec for Rangoon in Philly. There are some truly interesting flavor combos in Burmese cuisine.

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