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Sep 4, 2010 03:21 PM
Discussion Coupons [moved from New Jersey board]

Just to let everyone know, if you use the promo code SAVORY until Sept. 6 you can save 70% on any gift certificate. So, a $50 gift certificate bought for $20 will actually cost you just $6, and a $25 gift certificate is ending up just costing $3. There seems to be more of selection up right now with the variety of restaurants.

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  1. and just to add to that we recently went to use a certificate purchased from here and when we arrived at the restaurant (Trinity) there was a sign up saying they were no longer accepted. Pretty poor policy on Trinity's part if you ask me since the GC says it doesn't expire. However, I made a casual comment about it on's Facebook page and they contacted me privately and they offered to replace it for me. GREAT job by them!

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      I had the same issue with a different restaurant, got there and saw the sign on the door...contacted customer service for and they emailed back promptly with instructions, credited my account so I could use it for a different certificate. No hassles.

      1. re: BeeZee

        Since this happened at two different restaurants, perhaps there is an issue with what is doing with the restaurants rather than a problem with the individual restaurant.

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          this is a GENERAL STATEMENT, not directed at any one person.....

          i know a few restaurants that stopped taking these coupons for a multitude of reasons. most of which come from the user not following the rules clearly stated on the printed coupon, i.e. "not valid with any other offer" "not allowed on weekends and holidays" "limit 1 per table" "not valid for alcohol" "minimum 2 entrees" and so on and so on...

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            I kind of figured the restaurant may not have figured how many people used the coupons and they decided it cost them too much (although my assumption was that these discounts were subsidised by someone like Sysco). Basically get out there to get attention, then pull the plug. The place I had an issue with didn't specifically state on the sign they posted on the door why they weren't accepting the coupons any more, and I didn't go inside to ask. But I can see how annoying it could be to constantly have customers who couldn't read the terms and conditions (which are certainly not "hidden") giving their staff all kinds of grief.

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              these coupons are not subsidized....

              don't get me wrong, its a STEAL for the guest. for the restaurant, who depends on each customer spending "X" amount of dollars, it was a no win situation. the idea was to stimulate traffic during these tough economic times. the guests that did follow the rules were great, but few and far between. however, from the other chefs i've spoken to, people were taking advantage of a situation and trying to "work" the system. remember folks, most restaurants operate on VERY SLIM margins and servers LIVE OFF THEIR TIPS.

              each coupon states all the limits. when guests tried to take advantage of combining the coupon with other specials, using more than once a month, even multiple coupons for larger tables, it puts the staff in awkward positions, made other guests uncomfortable, and of course adversely affects the already slim bottom line of said establishment.

              for those who haven't used these, please read the conditions. things like "valid mon-thu", "not valid with any other offer", "minimum 50$ check", "tip on original amount (a HUGE issue)", "one coupon per table", "not valid on holidays or weekends", etc, etc...

              1. re: chefMD

                For all you people complaining about showing up to a restaurant and having them not accept the coupons need to just do the simple task of calling ahead of time and asking. Voila, not a hard solution.

    2. Was this for Trinity in Keyport or Trinity and the Pope in Asbury?

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        Trinity in Keyport.
        There was no management on site that evening so I wasn't about to discuss it with a waiter so I emailed them the next day. I did hear back from the owner that he felt the certificates were causing a disruption to other patrons as peoeple didn't know how to read them and apply the rules correctly. I wasn't thrilled with the response.
        The night we were there there were 2-3 other tables occupied (a Friday night) so I don't get it entirely.
        The food was excellent but I have issues with the "customer service" there. I will think twice bfore returning. It is not a cheap evening out.

      2. I went to a restaurant last night that takes GC's. They have been taking them for a couple years now and are also constantly advertising in local coupon books and emails to customers. I have noticed a sharp decline in food standards and although it's a Brazilian steakhouse with an endless salad bar, the rotation of meats to your table has definitely slowed. The items on the salad bar are nowhere near as interesting as they used to be.

        I think things like R.Com are great to start getting locals and travelers into a new place but if you are still doing it 2 + years later something's gotta give. In this example it's quality, for others they don't honor them any longer.

        1. A bit old now, but routinely offers coupons for up to 70% off. Usually the best time to look for them is near the end of the month as they run in cycles.

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            I've seen 80% off quite often, too.

            1. re: CindyJ

              Same here, 80% all the time, but the restrictions make it hard for me to commit.

              1. re: jinglejangle

                Although just about all of them have a minimum food purchase (usually $35 for a $25 certificate) the other restrictions are restaurant-specific.