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Sep 4, 2010 02:57 PM

abetto's hot dago?

anyone try the hot dago at abbeto's? (on como just east of dale). they have a sign that says "hot dago $5.25 wednesday".

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  1. Never heard of the place. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    I llllooovvveee Yarusso's hot dagos. Am interested in hearing how these compare.

    1. I checked Abetto's website last night and they are really inexpensive! They have a loaded hot dago sub called "Hail The Vulcs" that made me drool, a 12" sub loaded hot dago for like only $6.50 +/-. Way cheaper then Yarusso's which is in the range of $8.75 for a hamburger sized hot dago.

      So I went today to get a Hail The Vulcs, but Abetto's was closed. :( Will go later this week.

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        Interesting. If you try it, let me know. We live real close to Abetto's. We tried their 1 topping pizza for $5.60 after 5PM or something once - it's your typical greasy pizza. Much prefer John's Pizza Cafe (though much more expensive) or a car trip for take out Red Savoy.

        I also like the dago at John's Pizza Cafe. I think it's only about $7.00? I could be wrong.

        I will say Ron, the owner of Abetto's is awesome for trying to find wines you might want (he's got a 10% off wine club-membership free) and I like his mix and match import microbrews....he's very knowledgeable and very nice.

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          Greasy pizza excites me! I love. Greasy pizza I shows - good cheese! Nummy on on cheese!

          Will post my find, when I go.

      2. Though I have not tried it yet, I have my Hail The Vulcs hot dago from Abetto's. First off it is a sub. I got the 12" as it was only about $2.50 more than the 6". So it's not a patty ala Yarusso's, it's crumbled, so I hope there's enough meat on it. Then I got xtra shrooms and cheese. It smells wonderful! Will report futher when I've tried it.

        1. Well.. I'm not used to the presentation, but this is a much more flavorful dago than Yarusso's. Abetto's sauce is fabulous! Just right. Not bitter like Yarusso's, but not sweet. And there's garlic in it or the meat. Very good! And the meat is not dense and heavy like Yarusso's. Great pork sausage with fennel! It's not overwhelming, but very tastey.

          The sandwich, again, is a sub. I got whole wheat but don't think I will again. It conflicts with nummy Italian flavors. It's served with red onions, green peppers and shrooms. Lastly it's topped with cheese and then toasted until the cheese has melted. Jalpenos are available.

          I really really like it and like it much better than Yarusso's Sloppy Dago. A much tastier sammy and the addions go so good with the sauce and meat.

          Glad to have learned of this place. The price is cheap; $4.xx for the 6", $6.69 +/- for the 12". I am really pleased. Great flavor, cheap food. This is my new fav dago.

          SBbabe, what's John's like?

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            The review is based on eating a 1/2 cold. I'm looking forward to my next one which I will eat there hot. Bet it will be fabulous.