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Sep 4, 2010 02:12 PM

Ba Shan revamped menu, Soho, London

Ba Shan's menu focus has switched from Western China (Xi'an, Sichuan etc) styled little eats/xiao3 chi1 to Hunan and Sichuan dishes. The menu is very different from before (maybe completely different), with Hunan dishes dominating.

A small plate of boiled spinach topped with sesame paste was ok, the spinach a bit stringy and perhaps not super fresh in taste.

The steamed glutinous rice with spare ribs was pleasant, the rice was fairly savoury, imbued with a very light spicy and stocky flavour; and within each ball of rice was a length of spare rib, all steamed together with a base of lotus leaf for flavour. Not as aromatic as one of the renditions at Golden day, with individually lotus-leaf- wrapped rice and ribs, but not bad.

Any more comparisons with the nearby Golden Day? I think that GD's food was slightly more refined but only sampled 2 dishes at the new Ba Shan, so it's hard to say.

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