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Sep 4, 2010 11:30 AM

meal moths!

Help! I'm overrun with meal moths. (Okay, not overrun, but I'm tired of them.) I'll throw out the grain-based foods that I can see have been infested, but if a package hasn't been infested, I don't really want to dump it. Can I use freezer or microwave to ensure that the contents are pure?

(I do understand that grain is infested before it comes in my house. Years ago I emptied a newly-opened package of Raisin Bran into a lidded glass jar, forgot about it for a month or so, at which point it had become a farm!)

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  1. Freeze for about a week to kill larva and eggs. Works for wool moths, too.

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    1. Those things are horrid, aren't they?! Recently I left a bag of zip lock sealed bird seed in my living room and when I wanted to put some seed on the window ledge to attract birds for my cat to watch I opened the bag only to have dozens of them fly out into my living room!! I still find them until today but have sealed up all my things in the kitchen in zip lock bags because I'm terrified of them going in there. There were hundreds if not thousands of moths in that bag of seed and I hadn't noticed. Freaky stuff. Before this experience I've only seen a dead moth once in an asian sesame seed container and a web of some sort so I threw it all out but they're freaky things.

      Freezing will work, it works for pretty much all bugs.

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        I hate to disappoint you but grain moths WILL get into a ziploc bag...At one time, I stored things I'd opened in ziplocs, you know, open rice bags, noodles, snack foods, etc. I later found out that they do (don't ask me how) get into those so now I keep things in my deep freezer that I need to store long term i.e, flour, rice, powdered milk, pasta and even my dog's 10 lb bag of food.

        Things I'm going to use up within a week or so, I'll leave at room temp, otherwise, they go to the freezer or fridge. As a side note, you can buy grain moth traps which work very well. They're like cardboard that you fold into a square or triangle with the sticky stuff on the inside which attracts the bugs.

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          How on earth do they do it?! OMG that's so scary. I will look for those traps. I think I pretty much killed off the bunch but you can just never be too careful or safe.

          Thank you for this information!

          1. re: BamiaWruz

            I don't know the answer to that but if you see one of those little buggers, you can bet there are more behind him. I don't know if you have a Walmart or Sam's club near you but I found my traps at Walmart (in the section with insect spray, etc) You can also try a hardware store. Good luck!

      2. Meat Moths!!!!

        Oh wait. That is just a mark on my monitor. You wrote "meal moths." Sorry.

        Never mind...