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Sep 4, 2010 10:39 AM

Hersheys/Nestles chocolate chips London?

hi - I promised to make some choc chip cookies for the kids and can't seem to find "semi-sweet" chocolate chips. Any suggestions for where to buy these in London?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I think this subject came up once before several years ago. At that time, there was really no good solution for those used to the American chocolate chips. Someplace might have sold them, but I can't remember.

    You can get small, very delicious chocolate chips at Rabat Estate at the Borough Market. They are not inexpensive at £5 a bag, but they do taste good and would probably work out well in the cookies. I still miss the cookie dough by Pillsbury. :-)

    1. Hi. You can get them at Outsider Tart in Chiswick and Panzer's Deli in St John's Wood.

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        I love that Panzer's has Heinz's hot dog relish. :-)

      2. Melbury & Appleton in Muswell Hill has Ghirardeli choc chips, which my mother taught me were preferable to Nestle.

        1. Waitrose do chocolate chips now I think.

          1. I have often been curious about the butterscotch chips and vanilla chips listed in ingredients in some American recipes.

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              I'm trying to remember... but butterscotch brownies are called 'blonde brownies,' in America. That has nothihng to do with butterscotch chips other than those can be used in cookies instead of chocolate chips, and the result is a blonde chip cookie. I've known a few of those in my time. I can't say I've ever seen vanilla chips in America, but I've been gone awhile and things change.

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                I think vanilla chocolate chips are actually white chocolate chips. (this from Charlotte, NC)