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Sep 4, 2010 10:34 AM

Memphis BBQ in the SGV?

Is there anyplace in the SGV one can recommend for Memphis-style BBQ? I'll go further, but closer would be ideal...

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  1. jay bee's in gardena is an offshoot of interstate bbq, but it's hit or miss. if you're looking for a classic wet or dry memphis bbq, i'd recommend buying a weber smokey mountain and gary wiviott's "low & slow". there are no authentic options around here, afaik.

    worthwhile alternatives in your area: phillips in chino and bonnie b's in pasadena.

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    1. re: raizans

      what's the story on bonnie b's? Pasadena is very close to me.

      1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

        Bonnie B's is not bad. It's definitely not a Memphis dry-rub joint though.

        1. re: raizans

          Going the low & slow smoking via the Weber or some other smoker is probably by far the best option, along with making a good dry rub. I never try looking for good Memphis style ribs, I just make them at home so there are no disappointments. You do need about 6 hours for spares, and 5 hours for BB's.

        2. From what I understand (and it's admittedly not much about BBQ), Jay Bee's offers the only Memphis-style 'Q in Los Angeles.

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            ok, cool, I get out that way sometimes. I was actually pretty close by this afternoon.

          2. There is Mike's Memphis BBQ in Cypress.

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            1. re: reality check

              JR's is Memphis style BBQ too. But they don't do a good job and grouchy service.

            2. Your request seems like someone asking for a specific province of top notch Chinese food in Calabasas, or maybe Moorpark.
              When in SGV, Asian is the preferred cuisine, then a matter of which version.
              but you already knew that!!!

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              1. re: carter

                I live there, and except for Japanese, its not the preferred cuisine for me...