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Sep 4, 2010 10:04 AM

Taste of Beverly Hills

My husband and I are thinking of going this evening. Sounds amazing. Please comment if you've experienced this event. Thank you

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  1. This is probably late, but I went last night and we had an excellent time. Good food and drinks and not too crowded. Waits for food and drinks were from zero (usually) to maybe 10 minutes (twice). I would absolutely recommend it (as long as crowds do not become frustrating).

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      Thank you Heidi. We went and really enjoyed it. We tried to take our time and pace ourselves so we would be able to taste a lot of different things. But we didn't realize they would run out of food so early. Especially dessert. We would definitely go again next year.

    2. it was fantastic! i went saturday night for "date night" and sunday for "the art of brunch." portions were generous and so many restaurants represented. saturday highlights: oysters from water grill, father's office burgers, crudo from craft, mozza's butterscotch budino and carmela ice cream. sunday highlights: all about the bread, huckleberry's amazing spread, bar pintxo chicken stew, craft's ricotta with granola, nickel diner's donut holes and walter mankse's bbq ribs. and intelligentsia coffee both days