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local chicken

New post, similar thread. In need of some local chicken sometime over the next 2 weeks, enough to serve roughly 25 people at a small wedding. I know of Pete and Jen's but they are sold out for the year, anyone else out there, with a hankering for organic or at least free range?

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  1. Try any of the CSAs that also sell to the public at Farmer's Markets. For example, Chestnut Farms sells free-range chickens that I can personally vouch for as a CSA member; I believe that Stillman's also will sell to the public.

    1. Call Seven-Acre Poultry Farm in North Reading.

      1. Mayflower can supply free-range and organic birds, not certain about order sizes. Their standard birds aren't either, but are from New England.

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          They claim that their standard birds do not contain hormones. That's a little better than the ones in Shaws and Stop & Shop.

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            An update Mayflower is now listing free-range, organic chickens on their sidewalk sandwich board for $2.69/lb. Would still call ahead if you are going to depend on it or order in quantity, but sounds like they are regularly available now. If its like their regular chickens its from N.E., but not MA.

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              mayflower does have them but only on fridays and saturdays when they are fresh-killed (at least that's what they told me today). I think if you call ahead they'd order for you. Organic and free-range, local but i don't know from where.

          2. Does VT count? Because Savenors carries Misty Knoll chickens. I would definitely call ahead to guarantee availability.



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                They had them last week. Misty Knoll is a great chicken

              2. Recent thread from a person raising chickens in southern NH: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7243...

                1. I believe we're still within your deadline, and I'll sound like a broken record... but... Tendercrop Farms in Newbury (Rte. 1A) sells what they call, "our own hormone-free and antibiotic-free chickens, ..."

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                    Shady Pine Farms is a relatively new CSA, and sell their product at only a few farmer's markets so far. They might be able to handle your order:

                    Shady Pine Farm
                    70 Shirley Road
                    New Braintree, MA 01531

                    Julie and Chris Gaumond
                    telephone: 413-477-8209
                    email: shadypinefarm@verizon.net
                    website: http://shadypinefarm.com/

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                      We've gotten Thanksgiving turkeys from Tendercrop and they have been very good.

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                        All great suggestions. I'm hoping I wont have to drive too far from Watertown, so right now, the Savenor's/Mayflower options sound great.