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Sep 4, 2010 09:28 AM

local cider

Trying to locate some sparkling cider or similar that is locally made, definitely non-alcoholic. Will need it in the next two weeks. Any ideas?

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  1. last year, i saw carlson orchards cider made with honeycrisp apples...that was delicious. not sparkling, but a bit lighter and crisper than your typical cider. i saw it occasionally at whole foods and dave's fresh pasta, i think.

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      the cider at dowse's farm in sherborn near the natick town line on rt.27 is top notch, but it might be a touch early

    2. cider hill farm in amesbury presses their own apples and sell cider (not sparkling) unpasteurized at their farm store. the taste difference is remarkable.We got some of their first pressing this week. other local apple farms do the same. You can only get the unpasteurized version at the farm that makes it, like milk.

      1. You could give Russell Orchards in Ipswich a call. They make sparkling hard cider from their apples, so maybe they make a non-alcoholic version.

        Russell Orchards
        143 Argilla Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938

        1. Make-your-own soda equipment exists and has been discussed on the home cooking and cookware boards. I know nothing about it but if you can't locate any cider and are desperate for it, you might be able to carbonate your own.