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Sep 4, 2010 09:22 AM

Brew & BBQ at Monmouth Park

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  1. Nice beerz list, but I'd spend a fortune there after the complimentary sampling via the 2oz pilsner shooter.

    Is there even 'good' BBQ to be had in Monmouth? Jameson's, my favorite, has dropped 'off a bit' over the past few years that Southern food isn't on the 'short list' of cuisines to pursue down here. Any 'food trucks' around that are good ?


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    1. re: JustJake

      "Is there even 'good' BBQ to be had in Monmouth?"


      1. re: MGZ

        MGZ...I agree,....most don't even know what "REAL" BBQ is .......
        let's face it if your not going to go down South for true least travel to Brookluyn NY and try FATTY QUE...OMG!!

      2. re: JustJake

        Had always noted the ribs at Jamisons to bee cooked "falling off the bone." (=overcooked) Despite the decidedly mixed reviews on this board, I've always liked the babybacks at Memphis Pig Out (also feel their crispy wings are top notch in the area; I don't like wings over slathered with sauce). All the other vendors at this event are catering companies which makes it hard to compare without going there and actually paying for BBQ from each of them. Don't know what the prices would be, but it would have been nice if they had set up a deal with a single price to get samples from each like they did for the beer.

        As for other local places, D&L leans a little more Caribbean style fare than Southern US (Good curry chicken!). I Like the pulled pork, babybacks and brisket at JSBBQ, but they are having some growing pains moving from catering to a full lunch & dinner format (plus getting used to a new pit).

        Never was much of a fan of Big Eds. Could never figure out the allure of the boil, sauce & grill operation.

        Dougies Bar-B-Que in Deal? Kosher? Now featuring sushi? Need I say more?

        There's also a BBQ place in Monmouth Beach called Gourmet Barbecue. Have never tried it and for quite some time they had very limited hours. May have to stop by and check them out, but I've never smelled smoke going by there. This brings up a major issue; most local places claiming to serve "BBQ" don't actually burn any wood. You can go in to dozens of local places like Jacks, The Cabin, Ichabods, Sitting Duck, CJ Montana's, etc, etc. and order "BBQ Ribs" that have never touched a molecule of actual smoke.

        Lets face it, Lexington, NC this ain't...

        1. re: equal_Mark

          Thanks Mark. They do have a glorious day and I hope that the 'track' continues to do well as we really do need it (even with the hassles of Haskell Sunday for us locals). These are nice events (the crab cake day as well, though there were none of the real 'heavy hitter's' from the area who really make great cakes).

          But back to BBQ; you're right about the pulled pork sandwiches ever seeing 'moke. Which today more than ever causes one to pause as to ordering one of these at a local joint.

          We may not be in the Piedmont and have great BBQ, but we so have pretty good seafood, pizza, in this state along with some serious chefs preparing great American food from Bergen to Cape May and Collingswood to Hopactong.

          I have a friend, who does it right (3 hours slow cooked over charcoals in a deep cinderblock pit (4 block high?) with all dry rub after a quick 15 minute pre-soak in cider vinegar. No sauce and just Killer. Problem is he's retired to the Poconos with the pit in the hands of some able bodied firemen who carry on the torch.... just outta touch with those folks, but it's the best that I've had above the Mason-Dixon line.

          1. re: equal_Mark

            Major revision to the comments I made about Gourmet BBQ in Monmouth Beach. Stopped by to pick up a takeout menu, and lo & behold I could smell hickory smoke in the parking lot. Went in and started talking to the Filipino lady that seems to be running the place, and ended up taking home some Que. The Babybacks were some of the meatiest I've had in a while, and the beef kebabs were moist and tender and went well with the house made sambal sauce she gave be.

            While I was there she gave me some Filipino roast pork (Lechon) that her mom had been making. OMG! Excellent! Outer portions of skin were a deep mahogany (and not exactly diet fare). Very reminiscent of Pernil. I noted that she ought to consider offering some Filipino selections on the menu, but she seemed dubious as to whether Americans would "Get It" Aaaaauugh!!!


            1. re: equal_Mark

              Mark sounds good its now on my to go list...thanx for the heads up!

            2. re: equal_Mark

              As i've said a few times Memphis Pig Out does have good barbque and is definitely worth a try....Too bad they only had pulled pork sandwiches and chili at Monmouth Park

              Memphis Pig Out
              67 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

          2. Anyone hear anything, positive or negative bout this place. Some colleagues at work swear its the best. Hope to get down there in the next few weeks. TIA