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Sep 4, 2010 08:28 AM

The Olive Tree in Downingtown--Anyone Been?

Heading there this evening with friends. Is it any good? Anything that shouldn't be missed? More importantly, anything that should be avoided? I'm not a big eggplant fan so Mousakka is off the table for me.

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  1. I've been there several times, it's very good. I don't recall anything that I didn't like...

    1. My wife and I have been there for lunch several times lately. The service and food are excellent,; the best Greek around. Great place; hope you enjoy! I know we'll be back soon!

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      1. re: Dave H

        I've had the oddest experience there. We used to go a lot, when it was owned by another family. We live not far, we loved the pastries, and the whole grilled fish on Fridays.

        When it changed owners, about 3 years ago, we came as usual. We showed up and waited ... and waited... and waited. The owner was cleaning off tables, totally ignoring us. He had made the couple before us wait about 5 minutes before he even acknowledged them, and I guess we were going to have to wait another 5.

        I have very little patience for that kind of thing and walked out after about 2 minutes. Maybe the guy didn't like the looks of us. Maybe he was just in a bad mood. Either way I considered that unacceptable treatment.

        Tried again, about a year later. Same deal. I drew the conclusion that this guy does not have the temperament to be in the service business, and just wrote them off.

        Too bad, there's no other Greek around here unless you go all the way down to Rte. 3. I get my fix at Kanella when I'm going to Phila, which is not often enough.

        1. re: FrancisdeR

          Our experience ended up being a mixed bag. We (there were three of us) ordered the Mixed Grill appetizer. It says it's for four but we polished it all off. We found it tasty (I liked the cheese the best) but nothing extraordinary.

          For entress, one had the Shrimp Santorini, one the assorted Homemade specialties which included Pasticcio, Mousakka, a cheese pie and spanakopita. I order the Pasticcio. All three of us were very disappointed. My friend picked out the shrimp (which he thought were a bit overdone) and left most of the rest on his plate, saying it was too salty. I tasted it and agreed. Mine was dry and tasteless--and ice cold in the center. The other guest also turned her nose up at the dry and uninviting food.

          When the waitress came, she saw three large plates of food, nearly untouched. When we told her, no, we were not interested in doggie bags and why, she offered us free desserts. We declined but she seemed so crestfallen that we caved. They were fine--none of us are big fans of the stuff. Management also comped us one of our dinners. I was impressed by this since we already came, bearing a $25 gift certificate.

          Will we be back? No--it's not nearby and like you said, there's other Greek food to be had. I've not been to Kanella but enjoyed my experience at Estia very much. Oh, well . . .

          1. re: FrancisdeR

            Have you been to that place on Rt. 3? I've been wondering about it. That location has gone through a number of turnovers over the years.

            1. re: CindyJ

              It is now called Mythos (I hope it is still called that). I went only once, earlier this year, maybe March. Their more advanced dishes were fine, but nothing special. The plain old kabobs, on the other hand, were well worth the trip. I would stick to the basic (somewhat clicheed) Greek things.

              I also remember a warm welcome, which I always appreciate.

              1. re: FrancisdeR

                I have been there a couple of times. Most recently they have expanded into the next door location and added a number of menu items. In the past I have had some of the 'usual' things - gyro, souvlaki, etc. - all were good. Last time i had one of their specials, a grilled bronzino with lemon which was great. All in all, their food is good and the prices are fine.

        2. Sounds like it's gone downhill since I've been there last. I'll cross this off my list...

          1. Apparently they also are involved with a restaurant at the Exton Town Center called Freskada Kusina. Has anybody been there yet?

            1. Our favorite Greek Restaurant! Wonderful food and service.

              The Olive Tree Mediterranean Grill
              379 W Uwchlan Ave Ste 1, Downingtown, PA 19335