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Pickle Juice

Anyone have suggestions, comments or recipes to use the leftover juice from pickle jars? I've never used it as an ingrediant but here it lends good flavor to hot potatoes for potato salad.

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  1. I use it in potato salad (yes - drizzling on the hot potatoes and mixing some with the mayo for the dressing). I also use it in the dressing for macaroni salad (I don't like the sweet versions).

    I've also added some to a brine for pork chops for the grill and that went really well.

    Basically if you think something could be "perked up" with some salt and acid, I don't see why you couldn't try it. With a moderate hand, of course!

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      Freeze it for ice cubes for bloody marys. Use it for a pickle back - a shot of whiskey (usually Jameson) followed by a shot of pickle juice. And sometimes I just drink a sip or two on its own when I'm feeling like something salty.

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        I just used some in my pasta salad last night. I chopped up a bunch of dill pickles, but the taste just wasn't enough. So, a little dill juice just fit the bill. Perfect.

      2. Salad dressings, tossed with a steamed veggie,re-use it as is, used to put sliced celery in mine and get a nice crunchy celery pickle in a week or so.

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          Salad dressing, yum. Any recipes to share?

        2. Bring it to a boil and pour over vegetables to pickle them.

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            yes yes or drop whole peeled garlic cloves into the pickle juice...you don't need to heat up the pj...after a few days, you have pickled garlic and it is SO good! got that tip from some nice 'hound here a while back...have been doing it ever since...especially with pickled jalapenos...then you have some heat AND the pickled garlic flavors...ooooh aaaah!

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              love pickled garlic. can eat it as a snack. will try this - but to boil or not. I will try both.

          2. It is classic "hangover cure" for Slavs...a shot or two on the morning after.I don;t know if it really works but I sure like it.

            1. I like to heat it up and pour over halved, hard cooked eggs. Let cool and serve with a dollop of mayo and a sprinkle of fresh dill.

              1. Hi,
                My favorite thing to do with leftover pickle brine is to use it as a brine for cornish game hens over night then grill them, they are really amazing and my absolute favorite thing to do now, I was always sad at throwing away that brine since I make my own pickles and theres alot of stuff in there, I'll never waste any of that brine again.

                1. Also in a slavic vein, you need the brine (rassol) for salyanka mysnaya, on the glories of Russian soups.

                  1. Heat up the juice and pour it over soaked, cooked, dry beans that have just been drained and put into a bowl with thin-sliced salad onion. Once chilled, serve as a cold side dish.


                    1. Potato salad, definitely (pour 1/4 cup over the drained, hot potatoes before they cool down. Also a good tweak for tuna salad and chicken salad sandwich fillings. But my all time favourite is to use it in Homemade Tartar Sauce for fish & chips. You can use sweet pickle juice or dill pickle juice depending on your preference.

                      1 cup mayo
                      1/4 cup diced pickles or capers
                      splash of fresh lemon juice &/or lemon zest
                      1/4 tsp celery seed
                      2-4 Tbsp pickle juice, to taste

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                      1. i read that chick-fil-a brines their chicken (for the grilled fillet product) with pickle juice. just read this from a former employee on another thread. they said if it is not busy, they'll ask the staff in a chick-fil-a to deep fry a grilled fillet.

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                          I were going to say that. Now, I will just "second " you.

                        2. What about using it for a marinade for skirt steak?

                          1. Pickled eggs! It takes about a week for boiled and peeled eggs to get a nice firm texture after putting them in da joos.

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                              I love pickled eggs, especially those using jalapeno brine, but think a week is way too short. I go for a month minimum if using very small pullet eggs, two months if extra large. More time is better but if they stay in the brine too long they become rather tough for eating whole. Even the older tougher ones slice very nicely. I like to slice them and put them on toast or crackers for an evening snack.

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                                I always have homemade pickled eggs on hand - love love LOVE them. I pickle them for several weeks before eating, too. And I add some white vinegar and salt to the brine, or else just use my own brine.
                                Mysteriously, I hate plain boiled eggs.

                                So wierd.

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                                  I love pickles, but dislike cucumbers...

                            2. There was a similar thread awhile back, but dangnabbit, can't find it...
                              Me, I like to hold the fridge door open with my right knee while I pop the jar lid and take a surreptitious swig.
                              Also like spooning it on hot popcorn.
                              Or on a bowl of Wavy Lays potato chips and enjoy as they get soggy.
                              Slice fresh pickles into spears and stuff them in the jar (in the fridge). In a coupla days you have "semi-dill".
                              My current favorite is Claussen.


                                1. My grandmother uses a splash of pickle juice when she makes deviled eggs. She mixes it in with the yolk, mayo and mustard. Her deviled eggs are the only ones I like, I can't stand the sweet deviled eggs. I usually mix it in with egg salad too.

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                                    who makes "sweet" deviled eggs? really? eh, maybe i've had some that are sweeter than others...maybe they used sweet pickle relish. i like tart myself.

                                    i've put onion quarters in leftover dill pickle juice to "cure". nice to add to meat sides or a salad. or even eat on a sandwich -- esp. with something cheesy, like cream cheese or cheddar -- on dark, whole grain bread. makes me think of a ploughman's lunch, somehow.

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                                      Well, there's sweet potato salad and sweet cole slaw (gosh, even Whole Foods, I sampled their coleslaw the other day, no way, they added something to make it gloppy sweet, really disgusting)...and sweet macaroni salad...eesh! horrid but it seems to be the American palate lately...everything sweet, even stuff that should not be so!

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                                        i think the store-bought deli salads quote unquote are really sweet, too. it is to blame on the bad, gloppy corporate recipes, in my opinion. it do not think that is the way most americans make their potato salad or slaw. i think macaroni salad is the one the corporate delis abuse the most.

                                  2. my first thought would be salad dressing as well. I like to make my own with whatever acid is on hand(aka pickle juice), mixed with olive oil and favorite herbs, garlic, s&p - might even add some sweet too like agava nector. Play play play