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Sep 4, 2010 08:07 AM

Toronto Food Challenges

ok, so I was watching the show "Man Vs Food" in which the host goes to various cities and finds some restaurants that offer up some kind of huge challenge meal, like the 6-pound burger or some insanely hot Ramen or Wings. You get the deal, a restaurant offers up this challenge, usually free for people that complete them, and if you finish the meal you are usually given a picture on the Wall of Fame or some kind of T-Shirt etc...

Well, im wondering if theres anything like this in Toronto. I seem to recall Texas Longhorns offering a 72-ounce steak, but im not sure if that place is even around anymore.

Ok, so lets stretch this to the GTA, what similar monsterous challenges are there, from super spicy to massive portions, list all that you can think of!

Besides Texas Longhorns, one place Id think fits the bill is Dangerous Dans at Queen and Broadview, they offer a huge 24 ounce burger topped with cheese, bacon, fried egg and other toppings.

Dangerous Dan's
714 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1H2, CA

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  1. The new sports bar in the AAC (name escapes me) has a large steak that you get free if you finish it with all teh trimmings in an hour. I guy at work tried it and did not make it. He was disapointed that it was not a real "steak" but a slab cut off roast with a lot of fat. He siad if it would have been a grilled steak more of the fat would have rendered off and he could have finished. With his there was just too much fat for him to eat. They did rave about the bar said it was more like an upscale lounge then a sports bar.

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      I think Duff's rings a bell or something if you eat x number of suicide wings. How's that for vague?

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        Nope, they just ring the bell when they serve them.

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        * Sigh * Though I know I'll regret being a part of this thread, here goes anyway.

        The new restaurant in the ACC is called Real Sports Bar & Grill. Your friend failed the Hail Mary challenge. You should be happy he's still alive.

        That's one hour to finish a 67 oz steak, 1 lb of fries, AND 1 lb of cole slaw, you know, for your healthy salad component. That's over 6 lb of food or roughly one pound for every 10 minutes.

        Points off the ACC for promoting dangerously unhealthy eating. Points back for charging extra if your a Sens fan.

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