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Sep 9, 2005 02:57 PM

Spring Street Smoke House Tri-tip on a roll: another downtown gem!

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A new addition to my beloved gallery of downtown gastronomical marvels. Inner sanctum consists so far of: (by order of incorporation)

1) Langers pastrami on rye (hold the cheese & sauces)
2) Dino's chicken
3) Philippe lamb sandwich (w/ Philippe's mustard)
4) Spring Street Smoke House Sliced Beef Tri-Tip on a roll (hold the bbq sauces).

Re. 1), 2) and 3), abundant litterature exists, both on this board and elsewhere.

Now, the Tri-Tip, boy, that's something. Excellent quality overflowing slices, moist, tender, subtle flavor, just quality stuff, slightly crunchy on the edges, on a nice roll. $7.95
Bbq honyish/spicyish too overpowering, kind of mixing white truffles and vinegar, just don't do it.
Decent sides of potato salad and cole slaw; I'd rather call it cole slaw campagnarde, rough cut.
Street parking tricky on that block, meters just swallow your coin without further notice.

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  1. wow i have never had such a good meal. i like the pulled chicken sandwich. for side i like potato salad always. then i tried hush puppies, this is new to me, corn bread fried with honey..hmmmmmmmmm tasty

    also good lemonade....
    great beer...octoberfest

    and a cute waitress on Sat