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Sep 4, 2010 07:43 AM

best fish and chips in Saint John's (and surrounding area)

Just curious to see what you would recommend. My husband is from this area and has taken me to Deluxe which is his fave for nostalgic reasons. But there must be something better out there. Help!

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  1. If you mean Saint JOHN New Brunswick, as opposed to St. JOHN'S Newfoundland, the answer is Ossie's Lunch on Highway 1 just east of St. Andrews. It's about 45 minutes from Saint John. If your arteries can handle it, have their fabulous milkshake in addition to the fish and chips.

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      I did mean Saint John, NB. Sorry. My husband nearly blew a gasket when he saw I had an "s" on John. Oops. Thanks for the tip though.