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Sep 4, 2010 07:29 AM

Taco Caterers

We're looking for a taco caterer to come to our house to grill up great tasting tacos. And we'd like their set-up and equipment to look nice and shiny. Suggestions please!! Our party is very soon.

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  1. Usually authentic taco caterers, if they are busy taqueros, equipment will be well worn in. Most of the time the equipment is not stainless. Stainless steel equipment costs a lot more than regular. If you want really good food do not worry about the looks of the equipment. Try their food first and see what you like.

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      I'm good with that - can you recommend any - some that i've called don't seem to do a tasting. thx!

      1. re: mbissa

        Some taqiueros also have trucks and you can check them out. Never heard of a taqiueros doing a tasting. Here are the people I have used and am very happy with.

        Jose Valdez
        “Las Costas de Guerrero”
        Taco Catering Services

        (626) 665 - 6008

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        El Tapatio in Woodland Hills. We've used them multiple times and they are always awesome. Here's the website, ask for Renato. They will drive most anywhere, we are in the S Bay. Everything is included; rice, beans, chips, salsa, guar, etc. Get extra Pastor, it's out of this world.

        1. I recommend Mexicali Taco & Co, (323) 274-8907. I know that they do catering. The best tacos in Los Angeles, super clean people, setup and equipment. You might want to read their Yelp reviews.

          I can't remember their first names, but this is their number. (323) 274-8907.

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