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Sep 4, 2010 04:58 AM

Paris Restaurant Guide Book Like Bistros of Paris

In previous trips to Paris, we used the restaurant guide book titled Bistros of Paris by Robert and Barbara Hamburger. It was a great reference in that it indicated restaurants that were good value for the money, showed traditional versus modern bistros, broken out by arrondissement and most importantly for me listed the best dishes the restaurants had to offer, translated into English. We had some of our best meals in Paris by trusting this guide. Le Florimond brings back great memories of those cabbage rolls. Sadly, it is from 2001 and is outdated, though I'm sure many of the restaurants are still great. Does anyone have a suggestion for another restaurant guide book with similar features but a more recent release date?


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  1. Alex Lobrano's 2008 "Hungry for Paris" is excellent and pretty much what you are looking for -- including recommended dishes, etc. (And you can find updates and new similar places on his web site.) We still occasionally consult the Hamburger book as well. -- Jake

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      Agree. Just finished Lobrano's book and really enjoyed the trip. Thought his insights about a few of the places I had been were spot on, and look forward to trying some of his other recommendations.

    2. John Whiting does bistros on his newsletter/blog. Some are outdated, but he's still reviewing and updating, it seems. I think it's called "Whiting's Writings".