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Sep 3, 2010 08:32 PM

First Food and Bar for group dinner?

We're celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary with a vow renewal in Vegas. We'd like a fun, hip and NOT stuffy restaurant to hold a post-ceremony dinner. The coordinator at the Little Chapel of the West suggested First Food and Bar at the Venetian/Palazzo. Any thoughts or other suggestions? Not concerned about cost, just finding the right place for all of our friends to get together after our Elvis-inspired reaffirmation!

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  1. How many folks will be in your party?

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      About 50-- large group! I assume we'll need a private room wherever we end up...

      1. re: rkuch

        been to first several times - it's my fav late nite spot on the Strip. I don' t recall seeing a private room there but for 50 people they might be receptive to giving you the bar /lounge area.

        Are you willing to go beyond the Strip ?

        also, given the elvis theme have you considered entertainment ? i've seen this guy several times - i'm no elvis expert but i liked his show...

    2. Thanks for the info. We don't want to go off strip (too many people to try to move from one location to another).