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Sep 3, 2010 07:49 PM

Where can I find the best hot and sour soup in Austin?

Din Ho was recommended but it was not what I am looking for.

I want a dark thinnish broth flavored with pepper and having a bit of a sour tang. The meat, fungus, egg, tofu in the soup should be large enough to be recognizable.

Every hot and sour I have had so far has too much cornstarch giving it an unpleasant gelatinous texture.

At Din Ho the meat and fungus was large enough to be a tasty bite, but the tofu and egg were in small bits that gave the soup the appearance of a hash. Broth had a gelatinous look and feel, and while flavorful, lacked the vinegarish zip I expect in hot and sour.

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  1. Dang, I was just about to recommend Din Ho!
    When you say "pepper" do you mean peppercorn, or chile peppers?
    You might try the H&S at Fortune on N. Lamar, It's not really my thing, but it is flavored with black pepper, and since I like the stuff you don't, it might be more to your liking instead.

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      Chile or peppercorn, just enough to give it a bite.

    2. hot and sour soup is one of the few things suzi's used to do well. haven't had it in a while. always had fresh mushrooms and a thin broth.

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        Vietnamese hot and sour soup is a different kettle of fish, but worth trying at Sunflower.

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          Your going to think I'm crazy but... Firebowl Cafe makes a really good Hot & Sour soup. At least the one near The Arboretum does. Please go try it and tell me what you think.

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            Will do, thanks for the recommendation.

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          I second the Suzi's recommendation - my favorite hot & sour soup in town!

        3. My favorite is at Thai Village, but it's not on the menu. They used to have it as one of the daily lunch soup specials, maybe on Fridays? I loved it so much, that i always asked the owner to make it for me. and he always knew i was in the restaurant when he heard the order, since no one else orders it... i know it's weird to order a Chinese soup at a Thai restaurant, but it's well worth it. i used to order a firepot of it and call it a day, but haven't actually been back in a LONG time for some reason...

          i too like the canh chua at Sunflower, but that Vietnamese hot and sour soup is a completely different beast. I used to hate it, but now i love it. Though i think Sea Dragon makes a better version of it in their Nha Trang seafood option...

          Sea Dragon
          8776B Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

          Thai Village Restaurant
          6406 N Interstate 35 Ste 1550, Austin, TX 78752

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          1. This makes me wax nostalgic for the Hot and Sour soup at the defunct Wild Ginger (the location is now Mesa Ranch Steakhouse). They made a very sharp and spicy hot and sour soup with no corn starch slurry or at least it didn't have that thickness that you get from too much cornstarch in the soup. It had nice strips of pork and wood ear mushrooms, tofu and bamboo shoots., and just a little bit of egg ribbons. The perfect amount of vinegar, chilis and black pepper. It was my bar-none favorite in town until they closed about 7 years ago.

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            1. re: Homero

              Wild Ginger was the best Hot and Sour we had found in Austin.
              Lately we have had to settle for Pei Wei .

              Pei Wei
              4200 Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78701