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Sep 3, 2010 07:27 PM

Geneva Switzerland

Would love any tips that you have for great food finds in Geneva, Switzerland. I will be there next week and would love to find some great treats!

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for? Not sure of your budget, but things are pretty expensive here compared to cities in North America, so it's easy too pay exorbitant prices and not get much in return. With that said, there are some reasonably priced places that serve decent food. Give me some guidelines, and I'll make a few suggestions.

    There's always France, which is super close to Geneva. I went for dinner in Annecy last week, a beautiful city about 25 minutes from Geneva, and had an outstanding meal at Contresens (10 Rue Post, Annecy). They serve modern French cuisine and the menu is an absolute steal at 27 Euros for three courses.

    Here's a few photos from my meal at Contresens...

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      I am actually traveling on business in Rolle and will be moving to Geneva at the end of the week. I plan to stay at the Hotel Bristol. I am not looking for very fancy meals, just good food. I will be there for Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, Friday lunch,Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. Would love to find an interesting place for breakfast on Friday and Sunday. Also, I plan to walk around Old Town (Old City?) on Friday. Perhaps there is something in that vicinity. I am not as worried about price as I am about the feel of the place. Some place comfortable to dine alone. Thanks so much for your help!

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        Breakfast isn't taken too seriously here. Generally a coffee and a croissant or some fresh rolls with jam is about it. Lots of cafes abound that offer such a thing. I usually head to the Carouge neighbourhood and hit one of the cafes there, or stop at the Globus department store near the old town on Rue de Marche and have a ham and cheese crepe and an espresso (great place to people watch).

        Geneva is pretty small, so anything I recommend can be reached on foot from your hotel (except for Carouge, which is a short tram ride from the train station)...

        Steak frites is quite popular here. Cafe de Paris and Relais de l'Entrecote are the best known and both are close to your hotel. If I had to chose between the two of them I would pick Relais, as the dining room has a classic interior dating back to the early 20th century. It's very popular, and they don't take reservations, so it's just a matter of queueing up.

        Le Lexique is a good bet for modern French/fusion cuisine. The chef has worked in three star Michelin restaurants, and it shows in his food, but since it's a bistro, prices are reasonable.

        Chez Jackie serves tasty classic French cuisine in an old school dining room.

        I haven't found anything in the old town that knocks my socks off, but I've been to Les Armures a few times didn't mind it. They have some classic Swiss dishes on the menu like fondue, rosti and filet de perche.

        If you're looking for an excellent thin crust pizza or pasta in a lively atmosphere, I would suggest Pizzeria Da Paolo.

        Hopefully these suggestions work out!

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          Thanks S_B_Russell:

          I had meant to report back to you upon my return from Geneva but time got away from me. THanks so much for your suggestions. I went to Pizzeria Da Paolo for dinner the first night in Geneva. It was perfect. I was able to sit outside on the patio and enjoy a dinner of a lovely Caprese salad, pizza and tiramisu. it was accompanied by a glass of red wine and I was a happy girl. The next day I was able to head to RElais de l''Entrecote and it was also perfect for me. I had been fasting that day for a Jewish holiday so it was nice to sit down and not be overwhelmed by choices. Because the tables are so close together, while for some a negative, the people sitting next to me were from Mexico and were really lovely so they actually had me join their dinner conversation. It made for a terrific evening. I was able to treat myself to some Rohrer chocolates the next day and enjoy a coffee outside in the center of the old town. all in all it was a nice trip. But, I was truly astonished at the prices. I have to believe that GENEVA is one of the most expensive cities that I have ever visited. Unless you are on an expense account it is extremely pricey. Thanks for the help. Most appreciated!

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            Cool! I'm glad I could help.

            As far as the cost of restaurants in Geneva goes, since I've lived here my cooking skills have improved immensely! ;)

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              lol! so true, I've been living in GE for 4 years and definitely agree. the city forces you to become a better chef without breaking the bank!