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Sep 3, 2010 07:21 PM

Blues bars in Montreal?

Looking for a bar/restaurant that plays the Blues, are there any in Montreal other than Smoke Meat Pete's (too far - although good food and music).



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  1. Bistro a Jojo, on st-denis, is a good bar for live blues. No food though....

    1. Not that much closer is Kelly's Bar in Pointe Claire. They might still have Jazz Knights Dixieland Band on Tuesdays.
      Griffintown has music many nights of the week - not always blues, but an eclectic assortment, maybe give them a call for their upcoming bands (nice intimate venue BTW). I think Bharath and His Rythm Four play Fridays.
      Barfly on St. Laurent has Colin Perry and Blind on Wednesdays.
      Bourbon Street West (again Ppointe Claire) should be starting Tuesday Night Blues Series soon.
      Coming up on September 10 is Deacon George doing a tribute to Willie Dixon at the Mad Monk Cafe in NDG.

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        Bharath and His Rhythm Four does indeed play every Friday at Griffintown. They're excellent. Do call ahead, though, because sometimes they take a night off and the replacement is so-so and not so bluesy. I like (not love) the food there. They have music other nights too but I've only been there on Fridays.

      2. I agree that Bistro a Jojo is a excellent club for blues - but as lepuma points out, there is no kitchen.