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Where in Baltimore / DC can you get good SHORT RIBS?

Anyone know what place has the best SHORT RIBS.
I usually go to Jacks Bistro in Canton- Baltimore , MD but there off the MENU right now......any other ideas


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  1. When I think of short ribs, I think of braising.

    And when I think of braising, I think of fall/winter.

    My favorite place to get them is Corduroy in DC, but they probably won't make an appearance until root vegetables are in season.

    1. The 72 hour short ribs at Central are divine.

      I've also had a great rendition at J&G Steakhouse.

      I can't wait for colder weather!

      J&G Steakhouse
      515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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        The Sip 'n Bite has good short ribs, usually.

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          I can second reiflame's recs for Central and J&G Steakhouse. However, it has been winter time when I've had them at both places. Best to check if they're available at the time you want to go.

        2. The Dogwood in Baltimore has terrific short ribs.

          1. I had some delicious miso-and-ginger-glazed short ribs at The Wine Market in Locust Point last night.

            Wine Market
            921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

            1. The braised short ribs in pepper sauce at Grace Garden Chinese Restaurant in Odenton, Maryland are fantastic as is most of the exhaustive authentic chinese menu.

              Grace Garden
              1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

              1. BLT Steak in DC has great, braised short ribs.

                1. The short ribs at Central are excellent. I'm not sure if they are always on the menu but I'm sure as the weather gets colder they will reappear.

                  1. I just perused Woodberry Kitchen's menu--as of September 13th, the menu lists shortribs. Since I plan to dine there later in the week, I'll most likely order them and will inform as to the quality. FoiGras

                    Woodberry Kitchen
                    2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

                    1. As an update---when I dined at the Woodberry Kitchen last week, the short ribs were no longer on the menu. But, if you are still interested, I discovered that the Elkridge Furance Inn has them featured on their current menu. FoiGras

                      Woodberry Kitchen
                      2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

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                        Foi,the OP is looking for the "best" short ribs in the area. Is your recommendation of the short ribs at EFI based on actual sampling of them? Were they good? superior? exemplary?

                        I can heartily recommend the grilled short ribs - sogalbi gui (소갈비) prepared Korean-brassier style at Jong Kak on W. 20th in Baltimore.

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                          crackers--you are correct in that the OP requested the "best" short ribs. As I haven't dined at the EFI in many years I could hardly recommend the ribs from personal experience. It's just that I was perusing their menu earlier and was giving thought as to why this particular restaurant flies under the radar with the Chowhounders--thinking that the menu appeared to be very enticing, but perhaps the execution didn't measure up. FoiGras